Rottweilers and Labradors

Rottweiler versus Labrador: What Makes These Breeds So Popular 

Rottweilers and Labradors are both very popular dog breeds, so what are some of the differences between the breeds and what things do they...
Health Problems of Rottweilers

The Most Common Health Problems of Rottweilers and Their Remedies 

Rottweilers are one of the ten most popular dog breeds as per the American Kennel Club. Despite their reputation as temperamental dogs, Rottweilers are...
Rottweiler Health Problems

Common Rottweiler Health Problems

Rottweilers are anytime one of the best pets you can ever own. Although these dogs look strong and sturdy from its outer apperance, they...
adopting a rottweiler puppy

Five Tips for a Healthy Rottweiler

Your Rottweiler is an intelligent, strong, and loyal, solid muscled body companion. Interestingly a Rottie is not only a guard dog but instead is...
rottweiler health

How to maintain the health and fitness of your Rottweiler – 11 easily executable...

Rottweilers are highly intelligent breeds of the dogs, which is the reason it can be very tricky to own them. This dog breed is...