Never Ignore These 10 Serious Warning Dog Symptoms

You Should Not Ignore These 10 Warning Dog Symptoms

If your dog starts to act strangely,  and you probably think – Maybe i should leave him to rest,  he looks so tired and unmoody…  , be aware that your assumption may be wrong. These dog symptoms may not indicate a serious disease , but you should take your dog to the vet.  The following symptoms should be investigated by your veterinarian:

1.Warning Dog Symptoms “Weight loss”

When your dog can’t eat . or he is lost his appetite , that is the first sign of an underlying illness.  If your dog  refuses  to eat ,  and he is not eating anything for a whole day , in the next 24 hours that could begin to impact negatively on his health. Especially for puppies 5 months or younger.

2.Warning Dog Symptoms “Extreme tiredness”

Your dog can appear lazy , and he may be slow to respond to sounds, sights and other things in his environment. But if your dog is always tired and dejected , that can indicate a number of potential disorders  –  some of these disorders are very serious or even life-threating!   If your dog is acting like this for more than 24 hours,  you should call your vet and make an appointment.

3.Warning Dog Symptoms “Coughing”

If your dog always coughs, that generally indicates an underlying disease. In most cases it can be bronchitis, pneumonia, in worst cases heartworm disease , tumors of the lung or heart problem.  All  causes of coughing are requiring investigation, and treatment.

4.Warning Dog Symptoms “High Fever”

If your dog has a higher fever , it usually means that his body is fighting with an infection.  The normal dog temperature is one hundred to 102.5 Fahrenheit .  If your dog has a higher temperature than normal ,  call your vet.

5.Warning Dog Symptoms “Your dog doesn’t breath properly!”

If you notice that your dog is having difficulties with breathing,  take him to the vet immediately! Breathing difficulties often means that not enough oxygen is reaching to his tissues.  Hard breathing can indicate  heart problems , and dogs with heart problems may not be able to pump enough blood through their muscles.

6.Warning Dog Symptoms “Urinating problem”

Your dog frequently attempts to urinate , but with little success , or  he is excessively preoccupied with that area ( Licking that area) .  This is a very dangerous disease , because there are several underlying causes of these difficulties , and some of them can result in death within a few days.  Call your vet immediately!

7.Warning Dog Symptoms “Vomit , bloody diarrhea or urine”

Fresh blood in the stool can indicate bleeding in the colon , or rectum!  This situation is cause for concern , and  you must call your vet and investigate it as soon as possible!  Blood in a dog’s urine can be microscopic or obvious. It can be a bacterial infection , and even cancer.  Vomited blood can be bright red , there are a variety of reasons  your dog might vomit blood. Some of them are relatively minor , others can be serious or  even life-threatening!

8.Warning Dog Symptoms “Unproductive retching, and pacing”

When your dog paces , and it seems  that he is unable or he is unwilling to settle down , it indicates a very dangerous signal that he is in pain.  This is one very serious condition , in which these symptoms are common is GDV ( Gastric dilatation volvulus) . This is also called bloat.  Usual  sign of bloat is when your dog tries to vomit , but he brings nothing up.  This life-threatening condition most often occurs in large breed dogs.

9.Warning Dog Symptoms “Colapse”

When your dog suddenly collapses , that means that he  experiences a sudden loss of strength that causes him to fall.  If your dog loses consciousness , he has fainted.   These situations are emergency situations , even if your dog suddenly recovers and it seems everything normal . All the reasons for collapsing  are serious and they require an immediate visit to your vet. Your dog  may have a potential problem with the nervous system ( muscles,  bones, joints), the respiratory system , or the circulatory system ( heart , blood vessels) .

10.Warning Dog Symptoms “Red eyes “

Your dog may have an infection , or inflammation if his white area of his eyes turns bright red.  One of several diseases are involving the third eyelid , the external eyelids , the conjunctiva or sclera of the eye.  Redness can also point to glaucoma, certain disorders of the eye can lead to blindness. Call your vet , and make an appointment.

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