Why Does The Rottweiler Cost Differ According To Breeders?

If you want to buy a Rottweiler, the first thing you might wonder is the Rottweiler cost. Rottweilers are a costly breed  and when you encounter the cost of a Rottweiler, it might put you into suspicion. Why are Rotties so costly? Well, you have to consider a number of factors that play a part in accumulating the total cost of a Rottie.

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But first, let’s look at why you might come across different prices in the market for the same breed. There are a number of reasons for that, the three chief ones being:

1. Health Certificate: There are many health and other physicality tests that a Rottie must go through before they can be sold. While less expensive breeders do not conduct such tests, ethical breeders spend a lot of money to ensure these are perfect.

2. Cost of breeding stock: Less expensive breeders get Rotties in a puppy form and buy locally without any kind of health certifications. However, ethical breeders ensure that the Rotties are properly certified health-wise and are imported from the right places. This is one of the reasons why Rotties can also get costly since the shipping costs are high.

3. Litter quality: Less expensive breeders just get the puppy without focusing on the quality. They are just looking for profit. Ethical breeders go to great lengths to ensure a quality litter of high breed is being produced which naturally raises the Rottweiler cost.

Rottweiler cost

Now, since you are coming across the term Ethical Breeder quite often, you might wonder – what is an ethical breeder? Well, a professional ethical breeder is someone who knows the temperament and breed of a Rottie. They have done research on what is a proper pair of Rottie and they put their studies to the test. Proper testing ensures that the Rottie does not get into any major issues in relation to their hips, elbows or coat. They stand by their breed and ensure that their chosen puppies will last long.

Generally, a Rottie lasts for 10 years. Let’s say you buy a puppy from a mill and it costs $850. Now, you go to a professional ethical breeder and here, you get another Rottie puppy for $1500. The per-day cost can be calculated with this formula: (Price)/(year x days). If you consider 10 years as the average life span, then the per-day cost of the cheaper Rottweiler is $0.23 and the per-day Rottweiler cost of the expensive one is $0.41. You get a minute difference of $0.18.

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Now, you might naturally have the question – why should you buy a costlier one? After all, Rottie puppies are cute, from wherever you buy them.

Well, now, think with a more realistic point of view. If you buy an untested puppy, then you are not sure if the puppy will have hip dysplasia a few years later. Rotties are after all known to be disease-prone. If such is the case, then treating the Rottie will burn a hole in your pocket – and it can be annually too. Now, let’s say the puppy carries a disease and passes away within 5 years. All your money and time went to waste and now the Rottweiler cost daily of that late puppy becomes $0.46. Add the vet bill with this one and you end up with an exorbitant amount.

Hence, you should not be too worried about a high Rottweiler cost, and go for the ethical breeders for long-term benefits!


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