Humans Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Partners, Study Finds

Dogs are neither double-dealing nor disloyal creatures. A dog would never stab you in the back. It would sacrifice its life for your protection. Help an egocentric person a hundred times, and he’ll forget completely about you when you most need him. Feed a dog once, and it will remember you till the rest of its life. Besides, dogs are not only our best friends. They are also a part of our family, and that brings me to a point.

Should our partners be jealous of how very attached we are to our family, not least our dogs?

Being jealous of a dog seems ridiculous. But some people complain that their partners give their dogs more kisses than they actually give to them. Others complain that their partners bring their dogs to almost every occasion, including Valentine’s days.

Riley’s Organics, which mission is to deliver organic treats with unconditional love, made studies concerning how much dog lovers are actually attached to their dogs. The studies showed that 92% of the participants would rather spend Friday night cuddling and playing with their dogs at home than going to restaurants or other places where their dogs are not allowed.

Humans Kiss Their Dogs
Humans Kiss Their Dogs

Nevertheless, if you care for dogs as much as you say you do, you should know that Riley’s Organics provides food for five sheltered dogs with every purchase someone makes. Isn’t that amazing? And their dog treats are delicious and full of nutrients (Essential for your dog’s health and growth development).

The magazine,, however, decided to preside over the you-kiss-your-dog-more-than-me matter by making a report. In the report was acknowledged thatin more than half of the cases, the dogs were getting more kisses than the partners did. Besides, also reported that more than half of the participants admitted that they preferred falling asleep with their dogs rather than their partners.

Humans Kiss Their Dogs
Humans Kiss Their Dogs

Many doctors have a tough and negative attitude towards people sleeping with their dogs in the same bed. But many vets deny this kind of attitude and assure that sleeping with a dog isn’t dangerous for our health, so long as the dog is not ill, and sleeps over and not under the covers. Certain studies have shown that many children, who are afraid of the dark, fall asleep way easier if their dogs are lying on their beds – because in doing so, they feel fully protected. But it’s not advisable to let a six-year-old child, or younger, fall asleep with a pet. They have to be old enough to be allowed such a thing.

Still, you should always consider one thing before starting to sleep with your dog. The main issue of letting your dog on your bedroom bed – Is the hair fall. Not everyone wants to sleep in a bed strewn with dog’s hairs. And this is one of the reasons why some dog owners tend to keep their dogs in the yards rather than the houses.

Now, if you found this article helpful, and if your partner gets fewer kisses than your dog, share it with him. And let him know how he is not the only one (Smile). Thus, he wouldn’t be angry at you.

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