What Makes Your Rottweiler So Anxious About Separation?

It is no secret that dogs hate separation, and Rottweilers are no exceptions to that. Just that, a Rottweiler is a more vociferous breed than most others. So, it wouldn’t be out of the blue for you to come home, and find them upset, and destroying everything in sight.

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They could be trying to jump out of the window, they could be chewing up the potpourri, they could be doing a lot of things. But until you buck up and ask yourself this extremely important question- “What makes your Rottweiler so anxious about separation?”, these things will keep ensuing.

Here are some of the familiar causes of separation anxiety.

A Change In Schedule

What makes your Rottweiler so anxious about separation could be a change in your schedule. Maybe you used to work a 9 to 5 job previously. Now you’re in a 2 to 9 job maybe? It is obvious that your Rottweiler would be justifiably upset with your lack of presence in their life. Don’t scream at them for this. They simply are devoted to you.

What makes your Rottweiler so anxious about separation

A New Residence

Dogs don’t do well with change. They love their lot in life and aren’t really looking forward to changing it. And if you still did, remember to face the barking and the visible restlessness of your Rottweiler at the smell of new furniture and stuff. They will keep thinking that you would dump them here and go away. Treat them better, okay?

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A Familial Change

In the next episode of ‘What makes your Rottweiler so anxious about separation’, we talk about familial changes. This implies the loss of one family member, due to death or any circumstance. This can get quite disturbing for your dog, for whom it would be a major shock. Imagine waking up one day and not finding your favorite human waiting for you out there.

Your dog will get separation anxiety, there isn’t anything you can do about it. What you can do is read “What makes your Rottweiler so anxious about separation”, and keep the reasons under the barest of minimums.


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