6 Ways to Have Fun with Your Rottweiler 

Who doesn’t love enjoying fun activities, especially, the activities where a cute Rottweiler is being involved in? But sometimes, we genuinely run out of interesting fun ideas or want to have the best fun possible with our Rottweiler that also suits our entire situation, time limit, and mood of the day. 

You’ll find hundreds of fun ideas if you Google: “how can I enjoy time with my Rottweiler”. But here I’ve come up with 6 different types of fun you can have with your Rottweiler which are being discussed in detail category-wise, so you’ll better understand what you need to do in your current situation.  

Plus, since Rottweilers have their specific personality traits, I will definitely highlight dos and don’ts for your Rottie while talking about each fun idea in this article.

Let’s Get Some Ideas to Have Fun with Our Rottweilers!

1- Go for an Adventure

Have Fun with Your Rottweiler
Have Fun with Your Rottweiler

Here adventure totally doesn’t mean you need to take your pooch on a Paris or London trip. You just need to get out of your house and take your Rottie to some nearby places!  

Rottweilers really enjoy evening walks, peaceful road trips, and, if convenient, a boat ride as well. Walks can be really good, as they can be served as a source of socialization for your pooch. Moreover, trying different routes can make a walk super interesting. Well, short and sweet trips with your Rottie are something you will also enjoy and are genuinely worth your time.

Hiking at hill parks is another really interesting fun thing for you and your Rottweiler if you are looking for something for a sunny day. Rotties are so energetic and love to burn energy so they will definitely gonna love this one. These trips, full of different experiences, also boost fido’s mood and mental health.

Pro Tip: You can simply type “where to take my Rottweiler for hiking near me” into Google search bar and can get a list of peaceful places!

Dos and Don’ts: 

  1. Do take water along when going for a hike and better postpone the plan if it’s too hot outside.
  2. Do not let your pooch get threatened by anything during the trip-time, as this can make them bite you. 

2- Get into the Water

Have Fun with Your Rottweiler
Have Fun with Your Rottweiler

If it’s summer season going on right there, then water fun is just perfect for your Rottweiler. Rottweiler’s past background doesn’t link to water-relevant activities in any way, still, they really love having fun in the water. As Rottweilers are born with muscular bodies and energetic souls, they can be really good at swimming if trained well.

Get some summer stuff and take your Rottweiler to a peaceful dog-friendly beach on a super-hot day. You will have a lot of water fun and can enjoy time making sandcastles together.

You can also keep this all really simple by taking your pooch to the backyard pool or by getting a portable swimming pool online. You can make this home water fun even more interesting by playing a lot of different pool games with your Rottweiler. Or, simply just get a beach ball and jump into the water!

Another simplest way of having water fun with your Rottweiler is by switching on the sprinkler fixed in your backyard (water pipes can also serve well). Get into the spray of water and call you Rottie. Honestly, you will find your Rottweiler having the same fun that she might have at a beach.

Dos and Don’ts: 

  1. Your Rottweiler can be nervous at the very beginning, so don’t just think that she hates water. 
  2. You will need to make your Rottie learn some basic commands and tips before going into the water.
  3. Remember to keep your pooch hydrated on a sunny day. Let your Rottie stay under shade during the peak sun hours. 

3- Build an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is something that can burn your pooch’s energy and can serve as a brain-stimulating activity for her at the same time. In other words, this kind of fun is good for your fido’s both physical and mental health.

Other than all this, this game can bring hours of entertainment for your Rottweiler. It also makes the bond between the two of you even stronger than before, as the game is entirely based on teamwork.

How to build an obstacle course ?

You can easily set up a DIY obstacle course in a wide part of your house or outside in your backyard by collecting things from all-around your house. Building such a course with your Rottweiler is something really interesting and you can definitely try it during these quarantine days while being at home.

House stuff that can help include:

  1. Sofa cushions
  2. Footstool
  3. Stack of books 
  4. Pillows
  5. PVC pipes or agility poles

Backyard stuff/areas that can help include:

  1. Backyard sitting chairs
  2. Steps of deck
  3. Benches
  4. Footpath
  5. Tires placed for decoration

You will need to complete the course at first in order to make your pooch understand the game concept, and then it will be super fun! 

You can also get some agility equipment from a pet store. Or, just like I mentioned previously, you can Google “Obstacle Park near me” and can take your Rottweiler to an obstacle course set up at a nearby place.  

Dos and Don’ts: 

Rottweilers are eager to please, so do remember to praise them every time they do something really well. 

4 – Have Some Hiding Fun

Have Fun with Your Rottweiler
Have Fun with Your Rottweiler

This idea is really good if you want your Rottie to have some indoor fun in the late hours of the night, during winters, or when it’s raining outside. Rottweilers are really smart, so this indoor activity is just perfect for this dog breed. Hiding games are something that we all have enjoyed in our childhood, so we will definitely enjoy this type of fun ourselves as well.

Here I’m highlighting two hiding games that both you and your Rottweiler are going to love madly.

Hide and Seek  

Hide and seek is a simple game that can bring you and your Rottie so much excitement. Well, you don’t necessarily need to keep it to a two-person game. You can easily add all little puppies to the game and can ask other family members as well for their contribution. In other words, hide and seek is a family game that just strengthens the bond between pups and their owners.

How to play? 

  1. Go hide in some hidden place when the pooch is not paying attention to you.
  2. Call your Rottie to find you.
  3. Give some hints by creating noises when fido comes close to you. 
  4. Praise your pooch and give her treats when she finds you.
  5. You can make the game more challenging by hiding yourself in typical places, if you find your pooch enjoying it. 

Dos and Don’ts: 

Rottweilers are clingy so they can keep following you all-around your house even if the game has ended. So, do make sure this fun remains limited to the game time only.

Hiding Things They Love

Alternatively, you can hide your pooch’s favorite thing and let them find it. Finding stuff can be really good for your Rottweiler’s brain stimulation. The hiding thing can be their favorite toy or treats they really love to eat. This game is perfect for rainy days and late nights when you cannot go out to the backyard to play with your pooch.

You can also make your pooch enjoy the simplest version of this game in your tired busy days while still lying in bed. Just get a treat, keep switching it between your two palms, and let your pooch find it. 

Dos and Don’ts: 

Rottweilers are eager to please, so do not forget to praise them when they smartly find the hidden things. 

5- Go for All-famous Dog Games

Have Fun with Your Rottweiler
Have Fun with Your Rottweiler

You can definitely go for the most famous pet games we already know about. The only thing is that these games require your efforts and still might not be as enjoyable for you as the games I mentioned above were.  

Still, famous pet games are famous for being an opportunity for your pooch’s training and are their favorite as well, so you definitely need to consider them! 

Tug Of War 

Your Rottweiler will certainly beat you in a tug of war since they are too energetic and are born with super-strong jaws as well. This is why Rottweilers really enjoy playing tug of war.

Another positive thing tug of war can provide your Rottie is self-control, which helps to reduce their aggressiveness. Besides, you can also enjoy this game with Rottweiler puppies. In fact, it can be a source of command learning for them.  

To play tug of war with your Rottweiler, you don’t necessarily need to go outside. You can simply go to your backyard and enjoy this game for a couple of hours.  

Dos and Don’ts: 

  1. Get soft tug-of-war toys only or toys that are made from rubber. 
  2. Keep teaching ethics and manners while playing tug of war, as Rottweilers can express their aggressiveness by biting or by pulling clothes.
  3. Rotties are eager to please, so do praise them every time they defeat you. 
  4. Never involve your body parts in their games as they are born with strong jaws which can lead to serious problems.


Do you ever feel tired and want your Rottweiler to have fun and burn energy without you being involved significantly? Then fetch is the game you need to choose for your Rottie!

Fetch is one of the easiest games that brings lots of exercise for your Rottweiler. In other words, fetch serves as a game as well as a physical exercise. This is why dogs love playing it so much and it has been famous as a dog game for so long.

Fetch is a perfect game for energetic breeds like Rottweilers. They are really good at it as well. Besides, this off-leash game can help your Rottie puppy a lot with command training as it involves commands like wait, drop it, come, sit, here, and go.

Take some water and your Rottweiler along, and go to a nearby park on a sunny day. Or, you can also head towards your backyard to play this easy peasy fun game.

Dos and Don’ts:

  1. A tennis ball can be a choking hazard for your pooch and sticks are more likely to cause damage to the mouth. So, don’t use either of the two things while playing. Instead, get your Rottie soft rubber fetch balls.
  2. Make sure the ground is safe with no dangerous areas.
  3. Don’t forget to praise your Rottweiler every time they get you the ball.
  4. Prefer avoiding this plan during hot summer days.

6- Try Interesting Fun Things

Now, I‘m revealing a pack of crazy fun things that you might love to do with your Rottweiler but haven’t done yet due to the lack of ideas. Here I’m listing all of them; choose one according to your and your pooch’s current mood!

  1. Get a laser pointer from a nearby store. Switch it on, get your pooch’s attention, and let them chase after it.
  2. Teach your Rottie some fun tricks and have fun. Tricks can include rolling over, shaking hands, playing dead, etc.
  3. Dress up your pooch and do some photoshoots.
  4. Watch a movie together.
  5. Play a party song and dance together.
  6. Call all your friends and their dogs at your home and let your Rottie socialize with other pooches. This is a good way to keep your Rottweiler busy for hours.
  7. Go shopping together.
  8. Have some fun by trying to balance their favorite food on their nose.

Final Thoughts

Making fun not only makes your Rottweiler happy but also helps her in so many other ways. A moment of fun can be a source of training, exercise, fun, confidence, bonding, happiness, mental health improvement, and an anxiety-free & better life.   


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