Dog basic need

Dog basic need
Written By : Nada Hassan

Dogs aren’t all the same. Each breed and individual within each breed are different, they have specific needs and habits. However, there are several basic common needs among all dogs. In order to be ready for a dog you should first be prepared to fulfill those needs.

Daily Exercise
Just like humans, dogs need exercise. Your dog must get the exercise he needs in order to be a balanced, healthy and happy dog. You should walk your dog at least twice a day till he gets tired, but if you are not physically able to walk for long distance, try a backpack. By putting a weighted pack on your dog, he will still be working through all that excess energy, therefore you can walk a shorter distance. But you must get back to your vet first concerning the proper amount of weight for your dog. Also, walking with your dog is an excellent way to bond with him.

Healthy Diet
Pay attention to your dog’s diet. Unbalanced and poor diet will mostly cause your dog to experience weakness, skin and coat issues, and even their behavior will change. You should feed your dog premium dog food and make sure its main ingredient is meat. Don’t look for cheap food because you almost get what you pay for.

Positive Social Interactions
Dogs are social animals, they crave social interactions, they love to meet people regularly and play with other dogs. Dog’s park is a great place for your dog to socialize, interact, play and meet new people and dogs. Yet locking your dog or let him spend too much time indoor will affect him negatively, he will be weary of humans and dogs, also it will lead to behavior issues. Furthermore; dogs need good quality time to bond with their owners, it helps them feel happy and secure within the family.  

Mental Stimulation
Dogs are very smart creatures, they love to learn. Their intelligence allows them to understand commands and signals. They love to practice solving problems and learn new tricks. Mental stimulation helps reduce boredom, anxiety and stress. Make sure your dog understands the trick before you teach him another trick. Also, dogs love toys, by providing your dog with interactive toys along with training sessions he will be able to think, work and play when you’re not around.  

Sufficient Shelter
Dogs have feelings just like humans, we can’t just leave our children outside in the yard. But if you have no other option and you have to leave your dog outside, then you must supply him with a proper shelter, make sure to provide him with a potent dog house to protect him from the cold/hot weather, and a constant supply of clean water.

Predictable Schedule
Dogs need to be fed and walked regularly in specific times. Don’t leave your dog to wonder when their next meal or chance to go for a walk may be. Confusion, frustration, stress and anxiety will occur when your dog’s schedule is inconsistent.

Comfort with Independence
Make sure your dog copes with separation, so he won’t suffer anxiety and behavior issues when left by himself. He should get plenty of things to do when he is left alone. If you spend too much time with your dog he won’t know how to be alone, yet that doesn’t mean to leave him alone for a long time. Remember they consider themselves a family member.

Clean Water
A dog can spend a long time without food, but can’t spend a long time without water during a hot day. This will cause him health problems. Make sure your dog’s water is clean and always available.

Basic Grooming
Dogs need to be bathed from time to time and their nails should be clipped regularly. It’s very important to brush you dog’s coat, their coats are higher-maintenance than others. Yet it doesn’t matter if their coat is short, because brushing gives you a chance to free your dogs from bugs scrapes and other problems.

Discipline and Structure
Dogs need someone to lead them. They will often experience stress and anxiety if left alone with nobody to lead them. Make sure that your dog understands that you are the leader, providing him with discipline and structure will make him feel at ease.

Quality Time
The best feeling is coming home to a wagging tail. Dog’s love is unconditional and they show devotion every single day. They need love, affection and approval. Also, they love to play with their owners, they just crave closeness.

Regular Vet Care
Take your dog to the vet at least once a year, even if he is perfectly healthy. Also, it’s very important to keep your dog vaccinated.  

Collar and ID Tag
Imagine what could happen to your dog if you lost him? It’s a dangerous world out there. It’s not an option to put a collar with an ID tag, it’s a must! ID tag will help get back your dog if you lost him.

Leash Training
Leash training is a bonding experience for you and your dog. It teaches your dog his place in the pack. It’s very necessary for a balanced and healthy dog.


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