What You Need to Know About Rottweilers and Health

If you own a rottweiler or are considering introducing one into your life, you might want to know everything possible about their health and what you can do to keep them in good shape for many years. Then, here is everything you need to know about rottweilers and their health to ensure your dog has the happiest life possible.

Are rottweilers generally healthy?

Rottweilers are usually hardy animals, making them excellent family dogs for those who do not want to be visiting the vet regularly. However, sometimes, rottweilers can be prone to certain conditions. For instance, rottweilers often develop arthritis in their senior years more than other breeds. They may also develop limber tail, and hip and elbow dysplasia. You should consider these health conditions and their temperament before you decide to bring a rottweiler home.

Do they have any genetic conditions?

Rottweilers do not have many genetic conditions. However, you should watch out for signs of wobbler disease, a neurological condition that can cause them to walk unsteadily. Rottweilers might also inherit Von Willebrand disease, which can prevent their blood from clotting properly, and may leave them at risk of bleeding too much if they are injured.

What are common symptoms of illness in rottweilers?

If your rottweiler is ill, you might find that they go off their food and that they sleep more than normal. They might also start to have seizures, which can be frightening to witness and terrifying for your dog. They might be weaker than normal and might struggle to enjoy exercise. You might also find that there are changes to how much they eat and drink, and that they have digestive issues. If you start to notice these symptoms, and they go on for a few days, you should get your pet checked out as soon as possible to rule out any serious conditions.

What should you do if they are ill?

When your rottweiler is ill, the best step that you can take is to take them to a vet. A vet can diagnose any health problems and give them the treatment they need to return to full health quickly. Not only this, but a vet will be able to give you advice to help you manage any serious conditions and prevent complications during their recovery. This relies on you being in contact with a vet that you trust, though. To ensure that your pet can always be seen quickly in an emergency or when they are feeling under the weather, you should look around for a great vet as soon as you adopt a pet. For instance, if you have one of their clinics nearby, you might see what services and facilities saltwateranimalhospital.com can provide.

How can you keep rottweilers healthy?

To ensure that your rottweiler stays healthy for a long time to come, you should consider investing in food that has been specifically developed with the breed in mind. You should also give them all the exercise they need, with rottweilers having a lot of energy and requiring multiple walks daily to prevent them from feeling frustrated and bored. You should also make sure that they have enough toys and entertainment to keep them mentally healthy and engaged, and you should also try to train them when they are a puppy. This will help them to live a healthy and happy life until– and throughout- their senior years.


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