The Muscular Rottweiler: Help Your Rottweiler Gain More Muscle And Power

The Rottweiler is naturally a strong and muscular breed who is equally adept at using their strength and power to both protect your family and bossing over them. These sturdy, mastiff-like dogs were used to herd animals and pull carts in Roman times. Because of their traditional use to control large animals, the muscular Rottweiler has always been strong and robust.

If a Rottweiler has a thinner frame, it has been inherited. Food and regular exercise will always have its limits to turn your dog into a muscular Rottweiler. Of course, your Rottweiler is a workhorse and is always game for a lot of exercises. Endurance exercise coupled with the right food can make a certain difference to the Rottweiler frame. But do not expect anything momentous.

Over-exercise is a very relevant issue for large breeds like Rottweiler. It can cause strain to the joints, bones, and ligament and even the heart.

Begin with the right food for a muscular Rottweiler. Rottweilers gain their full height by the age of 2. But they need another 6 to 8 months to fully gain their muscle mass and weight. So your Rottweiler will be around three before you can consider them as fully grown. It is at this age that you will see a muscular Rottweiler in full glory and it is indeed an awesome sight.

Feed your Rottweiler a nutritious diet. If you desire a muscular Rottweiler, you will have to feed them a lot of high-protein foods. This ensures that they ingest sufficient raw-materials needed to create more muscle tissue. The protein content in their menu should be between 22% to 26% for an adult, while it is 24% to 28% for a puppy. A puppy’s diet should also include 14% to 18% of fat as they burn more energy.

A good way to develop a muscular Rottweiler is to provide the dog with exercises that involve some form of resistance. Straining the muscles causes your Rottweiler to bulk up.

After a strenuous workout, the Rottweiler needs sufficient time to recuperate and allow their body to mend the muscles. This is a vital part of building their muscles. Without sufficient rest, the Rottweiler will not add any muscle mass and will instead begin to turn leaner.

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Remember that bodybuilders do not start lifting hundreds of pounds at a go. They start with lesser weights and gradually scale up. If you want a muscular Rottweiler who will be as powerful as they look, plan to gradually increase their weight. Too much exercise is harmful. This progressive method is the right way to assist the Rottweiler gain weight. It also prevents damage to the muscle and the skeletal frame. This is truer for young Rottweilers. Their muscles are still tender and their bodies are yet to mature.

Don’t forget that your muscular Rottweiler will not grow into a muscular bull. Never try to surpass the natural size and proportion of your Rottie. Your Rottweiler will naturally grow into a muscular and powerful dog. Any additional effort to bulk them up will only have limited success as your Rottweiler will not tolerate the additional bulk well. And finally, never give the Rottweiler supplements to develop their muscles. You will end up causing immense harm in the long term.


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