Everything you need to know about Rottweiler 

I would love to begin this informative post with an interesting fact I recently discovered, that Rottweilers have the potential to defeat the dangerous Lions. Surprised right? Rottweiler Life’s book “Our best friends; Rottweiler” clearly tells that Rottweilers are genetically so strong and powerful that they can easily knock out and kill dangerous animals like bears and lions. However, this totally doesn’t mean Rotts are dangerous to humans and couldn’t be adopted as pets; in fact, an owner’s life tends to get filled with lots of fun when he starts living with a cute Rottweiler. Well yes, this is not just a fun-fact post so readers please relax; you guys will get almost everything you need to know about Rottweilers a little down below.

I’ll discuss Rottweilers’ diet, health issues, exercise and grooming requirements, temperaments, and some more interesting facts with you in this article. Readers confused about getting a Rottweiler puppy can easily make better decisions by getting help from a given list of “Rottweilers’ expectations from their owners”. Besides, cost, tips, and breeder details have also been provided for positive-decision-making readers, at the end of this post.

Now, keeping all the in-depth details aside, let’s get started by discovering the looks of these pooches! 

Basic Rottweiler Breed Information  

Physical Appearance 

The body size of a Rottweiler is what an ideal dog seems to have. The heights of male Rottweilers generally range from 24 to 27 inches; however, female Rotties tend to grow 22 to 25 inches at most. Rottweilers are one of the heaviest canines, so the weight of a male Rottweiler can be easily expected somewhere between 110 and 132 lbs. Even the weight of female Rotties that usually stay around 77 lbs, easily tend to reach 105 lbs.

Now other than this all, if you look at Rottweilers’ coat, the black and rust color combination it gives is just so unique. In fact, that’s not just a two-color combination, but something that makes Rotties look naturally painted with rust markings. You’ll find these rust markings on some specific coat parts only, like on the chest, cheeks, legs, and most incredibly, spots each above the two eyes.


In terms of nature, Rottweilers can be summed up in two words: working and loving!  

Genuinely, a lot of us need pooches with this impressive two-trait mixture. The working trait runs in Rotties’ blood, so you can definitely adopt one as your guard dog, too. These pooches tend to look handsome twice the time when they appear as confident and fearless buddies in challenging situations.

Other than this, Rottweilers are really good with little kids. The sweet and obedient attitude they are born with makes them one of the most adopted dog breeds. Honestly, you’ll find a cute Rottweiler in every other house.

This breed will be a perfect match if you are looking to get a family pooch with defensive drives. Training and socialization at early ages are, however still, one of the major necessities of Rottweiler canines.

Grooming Requirements



Just like all other canines, Rottweilers also undergo heavy shedding. To avoid this shedding mess, you’ll need to brush your Rottie regularly, especially during the fall and spring seasons.

Other than brushing, another thing you’ll need for your Rottie is a deshedding tool. I will recommend you this  FURminator undercoat deshedding tool. It will remove the loose hairs from your pooch’s fur, reaching deep inside the undercoat. Run this on your Rottie’s coat once or twice every week.

Bathing, on the other hand, should be scheduled once every 2 to 3 months. Use  shampoo to prevent unpleasant things like skin-oil dryness and itching issues from happening in your Rottie.

Lastly, brush your Rott’s teeth thrice a week, whereas nail trimming should be done
once every 1 to 2 months.

Exercise Requirements


Rottweilers need 2+ hours of exercise every day as they are born to burn energy.

Rottweilers are one of the old dog breeds and are known for their working capability since Roman times. This clearly gives the idea that Rotties are not those indoor kinds of pooches and need exercise on a regular basis. This is one of their major body requirements that they might even crave for.

You should walk your Rottweiler half an hour to one hour daily besides engaging them in other energy-burning activities. Moreover, get your Rottweiler buddy mental stimulation toys to keep her in good mental health condition.

Health issues and Diet  

Rottweilers are one of the healthy dog breeds and are born with a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. They usually don’t tend to have any major medical issues. Still, bone and lymph cancer can be declared as the most common disease found in Rottweilers. Other than this, Rottweilers are most likely to face heart issues like aortic stenosis, joint problems like hip and elbow dysplasia, and eye diseases like PRA and cataracts.

Surgeries and therapies are the options that will help your pooch fight against these diseases. Still, do make sure you get your Rottie health checkups regularly so you’ll be consistently getting pictures of whatever is going on inside their body.

Furthermore, the dietary intake of your Rottie should be healthy enough to fulfill all her body requirements. Protein should be the major component of a Rottweiler’s diet while fats being the second major. Their daily meal intake should be around 7 to 8 cups. Get your Rottweiler’s complete meal plan from the vet or check out this quick vet-designed meal plan  while being at home with just one click.

Wonderful Facts about Rottweilers  

  • Rottweilers had been working as butchers’ dogs in Rottweil townin the past where they were used to carry meat-carts from place to place.  
  • Rottweilers are one of the famous dog breeds that were used to find and rescue injured people after the 9/11 attack in New York. 
  • Rotties went extinct for almost half a century when their use as herding dogs decreased unexpectedly. Soon after the 19th century, the breed got to become popular again when started serving as police dogs. 
  • “Carl the Rottweiler” has been a famous book character until now since the time a picture book named Good dog, Carl got published by Alexandra Day. 
  • In 2015, A Rottweiler therapy dog, namely “Wynd” was honored with an AKC Humane fund award for comforting military team members in the best way possible.

    Rottweiler history
    Rottweiler History

Who Should Adopt a Rottweiler?  

Someone who needs therapy or a service dog can undoubtedly go for this breed. Other than this, for those who want to have a family dog but need the addition of protective personality traits, Rottweiler is the right choice!

What do Rottweilers expect from their parents? 

  1. Rottweilers are big and strong canines with weights often more than 100 lbs. So ideally, you should be strong enough to handle these pooches at times when they tend to get out of control.
  2. Rottweilers need to exercise every single day so you must be able to take out time sufficient enough to fulfill your Rottie’s daily needs.
  3. Rottweilers love to hang out here and there, so the bigger your house, the better it will be.
  4. Rottweilers require a decent amount of training. So if you are going to get a young one, you’ll definitely need to put some effort initially in order to get a well-behaved pooch.
  5. Rotties are shedding dogs, so you must be able to endure black furs all-around your house during spring and fall.

How Much Does a Rottweiler Cost and Where To Get One?  

Rescue Vs Breeder  

You will be having a couple of options when you decide to bring a Rottweiler to your family. Some pet owners prefer getting rescue dogs over purchasing one, while some choosing the breeder option end up wasting a lot of money. 

Breeders  usually bring up packs of dogs at a time in order to get more and more profit. Requirements of pooches either do not get fulfilled on an individual basis there. Reputable breeders can be considered a better option, though. However, finding one and making their on-demand payment is still overwhelming to many of us. 

On the other hand, rescue or shelters are set up so as to save tons of canine lives. They are not making efforts for the sake of money and so; you get dogs from shelters at very decent rates. 

The Cost 

A puppy Rottweiler usually costs around $850 to $2,500while a grown-up can be found at prices ranging from$600 to $1,500. On the other hand, adoption of Rottweilers costs you a bit less, i.e., around $300 to $600. However, do make sure your adopted Rottweiler, whether male or female, has already been vaccinated, and registered.


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