Average Rottweiler Weight: Steps To Take To Keep Them Within The Ideal Range

Keeping a Rottweiler within the ideal weight range shows your love and concern for them. Big dogs are susceptible to abrupt weight gains and this can cause a host of ailments. Maintain an average Rottweiler weight at all times. It is important as it ensures a steady physical development. It is also a strong indicator that the Rottweiler is healthy, as any abrupt variation from the normal is a cause for alarm.

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Keeping Them Ship-Shape

More often than not we have to deal with a Rottweiler whose average weight is way above the normal range. This is not always related to food as exercise also plays a vital role. Remember that being underweight, though not undernourished, is better than being overweight. Also, their energy level should always be at its peak and they shouldn’t tire easily.

rottweiler weight chart

Average Rottweiler Weights

A fully matured female Rottweiler will have an average weight of between 85 pounds (38.5 kgs) and 105 pounds (47.5 gs), while it is between 100 pounds (around 45 kgs) and 120 pounds (around 54 kgs) for the male. Keeping the rottweiler within this average weight range is vital as excess weight puts strain on the heart as well on the bones and joints.

Determining The Weight

While a weigh-in should easily give you a clear picture, you can easily tell if a Rottweiler is overweight when their ribs get lost under layers of fat. The silhouette of the Rottweiler’s body should be streamlined.

Remember, There Is Not The Ideal Weight

The average Rottweiler weight isn’t constant, so the ideal weight for one Rottweiler might not be so for another one. You need not fret over any deviation from the chart if your dog is alert and can move around easily.

Factors That Influence The Weight

Each puppy, even from the same litter, can be different and might grow at their own pace, even when all other factors are constant. The most obvious ones are food and exercise. On the other hand, a perceptible drop in weight, along with an accompanying fall in energy level, can be indications that something is not right with your Rottweiler’s health.

Rottweiler food

Taking Care Of The Rottweiler’s Food

To keep your Rottweiler’s weight within the average range, strictly stick to their diet chart. Remember that the treats you offer your Rottweiler during training and other times are a part of their daily nutritional requirements.

Feed them 2-3% of the desired body weight every day. So feed a 100 pound Rottweiler around 2-3 pounds per day, the slight variation depending on their metabolism. Pups up to 5 weeks need 3 feedings a day; at 16 weeks, limit it to two feeds. Dogs above 6 months can eat twice a day but if they are happy with one feed, switch to a single meal. But the rule is to follow what your Rottweiler prefers. Fasting is also a technique commonly used to get rid of fat and built-up muscles.

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Rottweilers need regular and intensive workout throughout the year to keep them in peak physical condition and within their average weight. Vigorous exercises, for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes each day is ideal. But a Rottweiler will never say no to more. Exercise has to be physically demanding and also mentally stimulating.

Remember that the average Rottweiler weight is a fine balance between their food and exercise. For instance, in winter months your Rottweiler may be confined indoors and can gain weight rapidly. This is the time to cut back on their food. And if you notice an abrupt weight loss, accompanied by signs of fatigue, consult a vet immediately.


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