Rottweiler. Rottweilers were originally dogs bred to drive cattle to market. Later they were used to pull carts for butchers. They were among the earliest police dogs and serve with honor in the military. Most important, they are popular family guardians and friends.

leash pulling

Correcting Your Rottweiler’s Leash Pulling

Leash Pulling is a very hard activity. Especially with Rottweilers. They are known for being a strong breed. They are very large, ranging from...

Why do Rottweilers Lick Everything?

I'm proud of you for being a loving and caring pet parent, and for doing the research on this slobbery subject. If you have...
Disobedience Problems

Rottweiler Disobedience Problems

Your Disobedient Rottweiler We as a whole love our Rottweilers. However, a strong part of being a pet owner is managing disobedience problems. I might...
Rottweiler names

Rottweiler Names Throughout The History

The name Rottweiler is the most widely recognized name known for the breed. That is the name they are perceived as by the American Kennel Club (AKC)...
vegetables and fruits

Fruit And Vegetable Treat For Your Rottweiler

Ever thought how can you get your dog obedient and also keep him slim? Maybe you're thinking, how to choose healthy food for your...
hilarious trick to avoid meds

Stubborn Rottweiler Has Hilarious Trick To Avoid Meds

Giving your pet oral meds, you know it's always a mess. But, a rottweiler playing dead as a hilarious trick to avoid meds is...
police dogs

Are Rottweilers Still Used as Police Dogs?

Firstly, they started as herding dogs. Then, the breed turned into everything except wiped out when railroads began pulling mass measures of creatures from...

Curious Rottweiler Puppy Gets Head Stuck In Cinder Block, Firefighters Rush To Save Her.

We know that all dogs are naturally curious, but have you seen the most curious rottweiler puppy yet? People on call see a lot...

Brutus a Goofy Rottweiler Gets Around on Four Prosthetic Legs!

Brutus is a normal, 2-year-old Rottweiler who wants to walk and discover the outside. At the point when people see him walking down the...
Rottweiler Training Guide

Destructive Chewing & How to Fix It

Destructive Chewing in Rottweilers First of all, let’s talk about why your Rottweiler is doing Destructive Chewing. Apparently, dogs aren’t rational creatures. Therefore, it isn’t...