Top 5 Anti-bark Collars for Small Breeds

Sometimes, small dogs bark the loudest. If you have this problem, it might be time to purchase an anti-bark collar. While it might sound intimidating at first, it can be an effective and quick solution for your pup’s excessive barking.

Even if your dog only has a few pounds, anti-bark collars can still be a training option. However, you have to look for collars that are explicitly safe and compatible with them. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about any adverse side effects from these anti-barking devices. 

Top 5 Anti-bark Collars for Small Breeds

Want to purchase an anti-bark collar to stop your little pup’s barking problems? Here is a list of the top ones in the market. Many factors are considered, from comfort to effectiveness, so you can find safe and effective collars in this list. 

1. Bark Beyond Anti-bark Collar V1: All-Around Collar for Breeds of All Sizes

If you have both small and large dog breeds, you may want to buy them anti-bark collars from the same shops. While not all collars are safe for pups of all sizes, a few come with excellent quality.

The Bark Beyond Anti-Bark Collar V1 is part of this list. This anti bark collar for our chihuahua, shih tzu, and Maltese owners is safe and effective, whether you own a giant dog or a tiny one.  With eight sensitivity levels, it can significantly detect your dog’s barks apart from any background noises.

Pros: Aside from being suitable for any dog, you can enjoy other benefits with the Bark Beyond Anti-Bark Collar V1, including:

  • Innovative AI chip technology that ensures the detected bark is truly from your pup
  • Comfortable and adjustable collar strap made from premium materials
  • Three different training modes
  • Waterproof construction 

Cons: While you have options regarding this collar’s modes, it lacks the spray option. If you prefer a blast of spray to shocks or vibrations, you might have to consider another item. 

2. Petsafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar: Best Spray Bark Collar for Small Breeds

Are you worried about using vibrations or statics on your little pup? Then, you can try out spray bark collars. Instead of sending out vibrations, shocks, or sounds, these collars blast a scented spray whenever your dog barks.

In particular, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar is the best spray bark collar for small breeds like chihuahuas and shih tzus.  It comes with a citronella scent that is sure to get your pup’s attention.

Pros: In particular, this spray anti-bark collar comes with other enticing features, including:

  • An easily refillable spray canister
  • An adjustable and comfortable 50cm collar
  • A lightweight construction for your dog’s comfort
  • The Perfect Bark Technology, which detects your dog’s barks accurately

Cons: If your dog is allergic to citronella, you might need to skip the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar. The opposite also stands true. If your dog likes the scent, it may also be ineffective since they wouldn’t consider it as a punishment.

3. Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar: The Standard for Accurate Dog Barking Detection

When it comes to an anti-bark collar, its barking detection sensor is one of the most critical factors. After all, it can accidentally harm your dog if it keeps reacting to other sounds.

If you want a collar with one of the best sensor technologies in the market, then the DOGTRA YS300 No-Bark Collar is a great choice. While it comes in a hefty sum, it also provides a great set of features specially designed for small to large pups. 

Pros: Aside from boasting excellent barking detection, this collar also includes other benefits, such as:

  • Two training modes: static shock and vibrations
  • Six intensity levels for all modes
  • LED battery life indicator to let you know when to charge
  • Rechargeable – with full charging taking as fast as two hours

Cons: Compared to most anti-bark collars, the DOGTRA YS300 No Bark Collar has a higher price tag. It can also be bulky, especially for a collar. 

4. E-Collar Technologies Bp-504 Anti Bark Collar: Effective Multi-Type Anti-bark Collar for Dogs of All Sizes

Not sure whether to purchase a sound, vibration, or shock anti-bark collar for your dog? Well, the E-Collar Technologies BP-504 Anti-Bark Collar has you covered.

This heavy-duty collar allows you to pick between three modes so you can try out which one works best with your pup. It also has a five-second delay before it shocks or vibrates, so your dog would have a warning beforehand. 

Pros: There are other features to keep an eye out for when it comes to the  E-Collar Technologies BP-504 Anti-Bark Collar, including:

  • Nine intensity levels for static modes
  • Optional sound warning
  • Three sensor sensitivity levels so you can also train whines and howls
  • Rechargeable function and comes with a wall charger

Cons: This anti-bark collar has many removable pieces, so you might need help to set it up. Your dog must also be at least five pounds to wear the collar since it is bulky and a little heavy. 

5. Ulefix Bark Collar for Small Dogs: Affordable but Effective Anti-bark Collar 

Do you have a limited budget for your pup’s anti-bark collar? While you shouldn’t skimp on the quality, there are still a few affordable anti-bark collars for you to try out. In particular, the ULEFIX Bark Collar is light on your wallet without compromising its quality and effectiveness. 

Pros: Despite being budget-friendly, this bark collar is jampacked with other benefits, such as:

  • Specialized for small dogs that weigh 5-15 pounds
  • Rechargeable function and long-lasting battery life
  • Completely waterproof collar
  • Lightweight and perfect to wear for small dogs

Cons: The ULEFIX Bark Collar only comes with a vibration mode. If your pup has a lot of fur, its vibration may be too mild to be effective. 

Are Anti-bark Collars Safe for Small Breeds?

Not all anti-bark collars are safe for small breeds. In particular, shock and vibration collars with high intensities aren’t suitable for your small pup. They might be too strong – and can cause health problems.

However, some collars are perfectly safe, such as the ones recommended in this list. If you want to give your small dog an anti-bark collar, you can – as long as you buy one compatible with them. 

If you have a small pup, check out the collar’s description and reviews first to know whether it’s safe for them. If there is no explicit label, try to contact the manufacturer or find another small breed-friendly one.


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