24 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning A Rottweiler

Owning a Rottweiler can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. One of the earliest herding species is the Rottweiler. A loyal, tough dog with considerable intellect and a strong guarding instinct, the Roman drover dog (the progenitor of the Rottweiler) was a mastiff-type dog. The Roman army utilized powerful drover dogs to herd the cattle together as well as protect the flocks at night. Rottweilers are good security dogs because they are attentive dogs by nature. Much socialization, training, and daily care are required of a Rottweiler, making them a demanding breed that prospective owners should be aware of. Due to their reputation for dominance, Rottweilers are not the best breed for inexperienced dog owners.

Rottweilers have several benefits. The Rottweiler’s excellent potential as a security dog is one of the benefits of owning one. With the right training, Rottweilers are excellent private security dogs because they are devoted to their owners. Moreover, Rottweilers are devoted family pets who are bright and entertaining to be around. Rottweilers prefer to be devoted and caring towards their family yet cautious around strangers. Rottweilers may be taught to a high quality in the appropriate hands.

roman rottweiler Owning A Rottweiler

The domineering nature of the Rottweiler and the fact that not every owner can control such a strong-minded dog are among its drawbacks. The challenges of training a big, independent dog are the disadvantages of owning a Rottweiler.

Aggression problems in certain Rottweilers can be challenging to treat. Rottweilers shed a lot, therefore frequent brushing is necessary to keep up with the shedding. Because they are energetic canines, rottweilers need to exercise every day. Prospective owners must be willing to devote a significant amount of time each day to exercising and training their dogs. This breed is not suitable for apartment living.

If you are pressed for time, this list will provide you with a fast summary of the benefits and drawbacks of having a rottweiler.

Pros Of Owning A Rottweiler

  • They are the ideal breed of watchdog.
  • They make excellent working dogs.
  • Rottweilers are very smart dogs.
  • They can be disciplined.
  • Compared to many other breeds, they are much more intelligent.
  • It is also not too difficult to groom a Rottweiler.
  • They have a decent disposition, which may surprise you.
  • They get along well with kids.
  • Because of their size, Rottweilers are adaptable.
  • They enjoy working out.

Cons Of Owning A Rottweiler

  • Breed prejudice could exist.
  • They have strong minds.
  • They are not the most simple to teach dogs.
  • If you do not train them, they can start acting out.
  • Rottweilers lose a lot of hair.
  • They often fart and drool.
  • They do not live very long.
  • You must take your time choosing the best breeder.
  • They require a lot of room to be content.
  • It is essential to engage the mind.
  • Health issues are more likely to affect Rottweilers.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Rottweiler?

You have a general understanding of the benefits of having a Rottweiler, but are you aware of what it means? Here’s a closer look at all the wonderful advantages of owning a Rottweiler.

Owning A Rottweiler

They Create The Perfect Guard Dogs

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Rottweilers is undoubted that they are aggressive or dangerous dogs. This has a sliver of truth to it. Yet, this hostility and danger are often directed against intruders, robbers, and anybody attempting to harm you or your relatives. While Rottweilers are hostile, their aggression is probably directed at those who want to damage their family rather than other humans. They are excellent security dogs because of this!

They Are Amazing Working Dogs

They make excellent working dogs overall and excellent protection dogs in particular. This is evident in all fields that use them, including customs, law enforcement, as well as the troops! They are the ideal dog for the task if you are seeking a canine that needs to work hard or have a job! Nothing makes them happier than being given a task to perform.

They Are Smart Dogs

Even though it could seem like Rottweilers are solely aggressive, this is not the case. In contrast to many other dogs, they are truly intelligent. They are one of the top ten smartest dog breeds!

They Are Easy To Maintain

Rottweilers are much easier to maintain than other dogs since they have shorter coats. Your Rottweiler will always need to have their face, teeth, and hair cleaned and brushed, but this will not take as much time as maintaining other dogs.

Rottweilers Are Robust

Strong and resilient dogs are rottweilers. You will not ever have to be concerned about someone treading on your Rottweiler or injuring them during violent play. Because they are strong, Rottweilers can play wild without being harmed.

They Are Excellent Family Dogs

Rottweilers are fantastic family pets if you are raising kids! They have a fantastic connection to their loved ones and like working with children. The sole exception to this rule is for extremely young children who are still learning appropriate dog behavior.

They Maintain Exemplary Temperament

The excellent disposition of Rottweilers only grows better with appropriate socialization. They will befriend practically any dog or human if socialized from an early age. Also, as was already indicated, kids already have a strong sense of loyalty toward their families. Yet what is sometimes forgotten about Rottweilers is how lovable and lively they can be.

They Appreciate Exercise

A Rottweiler is likely to be a terrific choice for you if you are fairly active. They like physical activity and being outside, so they make the ideal travel companions. They will like going on hikes and running across forests alongside you. Some Rottweilers also like swimming.

They Will Assist You In Meeting New Individuals

While some individuals find Rottweilers intimidating, most dog owners generally won’t. You could discover that you wind up conversing with many other dog walkers once you start bringing your Rottweiler on walks! Therefore it is a fantastic method to meet new people.

Rottweiler Pups Are Extremely Playful

If you already have children, rottweiler pups may be wonderful playmates. The pups like playing with your kids and are quite energetic. This helps socialize your Rottweiler so that when kids come into their lives later on, they understand how to interact with them.

What Are The Issues With Owning A Rottweiler

Even though Rottweilers are wonderful dogs, they can sometimes have some issues. When considering these issues, keep in mind that they are insignificant in light of all the wonderful advantages that are associated with having this dog!

Owning A Rottweiler

Breed Prejudice

Breed prejudice is one of the main issues (particularly in the US). Regrettably, Rotties are particularly prohibited by law in several cities because they are considered dangerous dogs. As a result, you might not be able to bring your Rottweiler to all towns or playgrounds.

They Are Stubborn

Moreover, Rottweilers are notoriously stubborn dogs. They could try to take over as the alpha dog in your home if you lack the courage to order them. The key to training them is to use positive reinforcement and make following instructions enjoyable.

They Are Not The Easiest To Train

The hardest dogs to teach are Rottweilers, in terms of obedience. They are not only stubborn, but if they do not receive constant training, they may lose interest. Having said that, Rottweilers may be taught to be faithful, courageous, and excellent workers with the correct training regimen and the right owner.

They Can Be Rebellious

Rotties may grow defiant very quickly if improperly taught. This often occurs far more frequently in male Rottweilers, while it can also occur in female Rottweilers. Because of this, be mindful of disciplining your Rottweiler with consistency, kindness, and patience. They are less likely to revolt the sooner you begin educating them since they are far more likely to view you as their boss.

They Can Sometimes Be Destructive

A Rottweiler might start becoming destructive if their requirements are not addressed. One day you could return home to discover that several items, including your shoes, table legs, and sofa cushions, have been destroyed. Thankfully, by regularly walking them, teaching them, and spending plenty of quality family time with them, you can reduce this.

They Require Tons Of Exercise

Based on your way of life, this might be either an advantage or a drawback for Rottweilers. They might not be the greatest dog for you if you want to spend your days relaxing indoors. You must be able to ensure that they exercise for at least two hours each day as their owner. Furthermore, they are capable of handling more. If they could, Rottweilers would run about the entire day outside.

They Shed A Ton Of Fur

Although Rottweilers are simple to maintain, they do shed sometimes. Rottweilers do shed a lot. Although you may get rid of a great deal of the fur that your Rottweiler sheds by giving them a regular brushing, you will still wind up having fur on your garments and furnishings no matter how frequently you do so.

They Have A Short Lifespan

Rottweilers do not have extremely long lives when it involves animals. Regrettably, they only have an 8–10 year lifespan. If you are fortunate, though, yours could live much longer. The longevity of your Rottweiler can also be extended by proper care, a healthy diet, and good genetics. Although smaller dogs typically live longer if you are searching for a lifelong companion.

You Will Need A Proper Breeder 

A Rottweiler with inferior genetics will not merely have a shorter lifetime. So far, unfavorable genetics might also raise the probability of violent tendencies and even medical issues. To ensure you obtain the greatest dog possible with the lowest risk of health issues, you should try to get a certified purebred Rottweiler.

They Slobber And Fart A Lot

Moreover, Rottweilers are notorious for farting and drooling a lot. While charcoal biscuits might help mask the odor, you should be mindful that there may be moments when you wish to move out while they are present.

Rottweilers Need A Bunch Of Mental Stimulation

You must make sure that you’re keeping your Rottweiler cognitively active because of its high intelligence. The easiest method to do this is through training, but you cannot continuously train them. Ensure you have plenty of puzzle toys for them to engage with while you are not teaching them, like KONGs.

They Are Quite Expensive

Among the most costly canines you can purchase are Rotties. They may cost anywhere from $2,000 and $8,000 based on the bloodline. And it only covers the upfront expense. Together with this, you will also need to consider the expense of their comfort, healthcare, vaccines, food, and games. Owning a Rottweiler could be a strain on your wallet.

They Require Lots Of Space

Rotties are not dogs for apartments. Even in a house, they will require a lot of room to go about it. If not, they risk turning destructive. Moreover, make sure that there is a garden that they can play in. You could be better off buying a smaller dog provided you are unable to furnish them with the living area they require.

Rottweilers Are Inclined To Specific Health Conditions

All purebred dogs, including Rotties, are often predisposed to certain health issues. Owning a Rottweiler, you should know that they may suffer from extremely common disorders like elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. They are additionally more likely to develop specific cancers than just dysplasia. Finally, they may potentially develop certain eye conditions like cataracts.

Who Is The Best Owner For A Rottweiler

Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a rottweiler, you must consider whether you would be a good companion for one as well. These are some qualities you should possess if you are thinking about obtaining a Rottweiler.

You Must Have Owned Dogs Earlier

The temperament of a Rottweiler could be too much for a first-time dog owner to handle. When deciding to have a rottweiler, you must be confident in your dog-handling skills and ideally have expertise with challenging canines.

You Must Be Somewhat Active

Also, you should make sure you’re staying active. Rotties will need to devote considerable time to exercising, so ensure you can take them outside frequently.

Young Kids Are Best Avoided

Owning a Rottweiler isn’t for you if you have very young children. Your Rottie could erupt if they are provoked by young children, which happens frequently.


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