You Need To Follow The Growth Chart Of Your Rottweiler To Ensure Their Good Health

Considering most of you are insistent on buying a Rottweiler, it is best that you know how a Rottweiler grows. If you get a puppy, it would get all the more important for you to notice the height and the weight at the beginning. Then mark the changes as the days go by. This will help you keep track of their growth while also ensuring that every stage and period in your Rottweiler’s life gets equal attention and love. Maintaining a Rottweiler growth chart thus becomes quintessential.

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There are a few things that you need to know while focusing on the growth of your Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Growth Chart Between 1st And 9th Months

growth chart

Since rottweilers are considerably big dogs, you can expect a lot of the changes to take place between the first and the ninth months. Then the progress slows down over time. It is crucial that you feed them properly during this period, while also proceeding with some basic training. As a trainer, it would be imperative for you to not neglect these phases of the pup’s life. This will set the tone for their characteristics and behavioral patterns.

First Year Growth Chart Of A Rottweiler

As a pup turns a year, it would be important for you to first get their weight measured and a trip to the vet to ensure the new course of action. It is usually advised that you do not feed them with puppy food anymore and move into adult stuff. For, this will ensure that the adult dog maintains a stable weight-height ratio as they grow up. It is also very important for you to check their weight for obesity. Take them to the vet who would determine if this is due to over-eating, or genetics. Observe the Rottweiler growth chart with care and see where you can make some changes.

Second Year

This period should be emphasized with a lot more focus on the diet of your Rottweiler. Don’t give them too many treats, for that would lead to a dependency on it, while also being utterly useless to the body. Your Rottweiler will never get the necessary nutrients from treats and will fall ill soon. So, try giving them a balanced diet with all the nutrients and minerals in proportion. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them treats at all- give them when they have done something treat-worthy.

Rottweiler growth chart

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Third Year

From this period onwards, stop feeding your Rottweiler human food. Not that you should have before, but from now, don’t even think about it. Make sure that there is ample kibble in the food and that you are not relying on manufactured products completely.

If you are careful with your Rottweiler, they will live a long life. Therefore, you should be well aware of the growth chart of your Rottweiler, and observe it religiously.


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