What Are the Benefits of Friendship Between Rottweiler and Kids?

Historically, a kid and dog have been best friends. There’s nothing that should stop that friendship, even when you’ve got a Rottweiler at home. Here in this article, we look at the benefits of such relations.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are many myths surrounding Rottweilers. People regard them as a dog breed that is very dangerous to children. Can they be family pets? We certainly think so. The bond between kid and pet shouldn’t be broken when the Rottweiler comes into the house.

An All-Around Great Rottweiler

There are so many Rottweiler benefits to mention. In fact, the common Rottweiler is no more dangerous to children than any other breed. If you train and raise them in a proper manner, they will be loyal, protective, caring, and very loving towards all of the family, including young children. If you treat them with love, the Rottweiler will always return the favor and never turn on their owners.

Great Carers

This is a robust breed of strong dogs that descended from the Roman legions. They are gentle playmates within the family and around children. They observe the world with a kind of self-assured aloof attitude and have a soft temperament. At their core, the common Rottweiler is very loving towards children. They actually thrive on the company of them, as well as other household pets. You can comfortably put them in with any other dog or cat.

This breed will serve well as a child’s friend because it is well suited to being a guard dog. They will watch out to protect children from any danger. When they are introduced to a new thing, they will usually respond with caution rather than getting too excited and aggressive as most people think. Their aggressiveness only stands from the fact they are so protective and they will certainly protect your child, earning their trust and facilitating a strong friendly bond. When they do feel threatened, they change to a very dominant temperament, but this can only work in a child’s favor as they work to protect the kid from the danger around them.

However, if you’ve got a very young kid and dog, things can sometimes get tricky; https://top-mom.com/ has come up with some helpful tips. They will encourage Rottweiler’s to understand the nature of children:

  •     Train your dog not to jump on a baby.
  •     Help your pet to realize that they will need to be alone for short periods of time.
  •     Mark certain areas of the house and make sure that they know that those spots are forbidden. Places might include a toddler’s bedroom or rooms where a baby is lying on the floor.

Great Personality

At their very core, these are, in fact, silly puppies! No surprise that organizations such as the American Kennel Club have described this breed as being gentle playmates with a playful personality. We think that they are great around young children for this reason. They will certainly try and find a friend in another being, and the child will become the best company soon.

Rottweilers have always had the personality traits that make them exceptional guard dogs with assertive, confident, and powerful attributes. However, by no means does this detract from how cute they are. The common Rottweiler will not seem to understand that it is large and powerful. They love to cuddle with children on the bed and will be happy to get up and sit on a child’s lap. It is one of the most adorable things to witness —kid and dog cuddling; usually, the Rottweiler can be extremely gentle with a child. That said, you should knowhow to train a Rottweiler because you won’t want them to unintentionally hurt a child by showing way too much “love”!

Big Love Between Kid and Rottweiler

We hope we managed to show you that Rottweilers are very underestimated pets that can provide support and friendship to any young child. We believe you realize all of the attributes that this lovable breed has and how they can contribute to any child’s life. Although they are large and, probably, look a little intimidating, their big bodies also have big hearts. If they’re trained right, the bond between your kid and dog will be enormous, and any child will love having them around.

Have you ever owned the Rottweiler? Do you know how to calm a dog? Tell us about your thoughts in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Chele is a freelance copywriter, coming from Chicago. Shel is a complete animal lover and knows all about pets. Chele is the proud owner of three rottweilers, six cats, and a labrador. In her spare time, she works on an animal-related YouTube channel, which she hopes to launch later this yea


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