The Rottweiler’s Ears: Taking Proper Care And Ensuring The Right Looks

The Rottweiler is a formidable breed and their appearance should be just as imposing. For that, the shape and positioning of the ear play a vital role. The position of your Rottweiler’s ears should be set level with the top of their head and carry close to the face. Ears that lie forward also safeguard against ear infections. The Rottweiler’s ears are also one of their most sensitive parts. Proper care is vital to ensure that a Rottweiler remains healthy on the whole.

Ear Taping

Taping is a method used to ensure that the Rottweiler puppy’s ears carry correctly. As the Rottweiler grows, the ear set generally changes, often while teething. The ears crease or hold back at this stage of 4 to 6 months. This can cause the ears to be carried away from the face or even held back, referred to as “fly-away ears”. We need to intercede and tape the Rottweiler’s ears or they will remain in the incorrect position. This can spoil the Rottweiler’s appearance.

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A safe and non-invasive method often uses to correct the cartilage and support correct carriage of the ears is ear taping. Take the tape off after a couple of days and check the position of the ears. Most correct itself in 1 to 2 tapings. But it may need repetition as they get older.

rottweiler ears

Ear Infections

Rottweilers are outdoors dogs and there is always the danger of ear infections. Another factor has more to do with the shape of the ears than the breed. Rotties are prone to ear infections because of their floppy ears. This is a drawback across breeds and this shape traps water, moisture, and wax. Thus Rottweilers are more prone to ear infections. The owner should regularly look for any build-up or odor inside the Rottweiler’s ears.

Ear Cropping

The ear-flaps in a Rottweiler are exceedingly vascular. The blood supply to the ears is forceful. If you have had the misfortune of a bloody ear crop, you will remember it for life and also regret it if you really love your dog. This procedure causes immense pain and many dogs are not given sufficient pain management. This can cause the cropped ear to become always sensitive.

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It Hinders Communication

The position of the ear is also critical for the dog to communicate effectively and naturally. Cutting off a part of the Rottweiler’s ears hinders their communication system. It also limits their ability to communicate and puts them at a social disadvantage.

So it is very important that you take special care to keep your Rottweiler’s ears clean. You can prevent several infections by keeping the inner part of the ear clean. You also need to inspect them for the presence of bugs, ticks, fleas, and other pests that have made your Rottweiler’s ears their home. If you cannot handle the pests take your Rottweiler to a vet. Remember always that your Rottweiler looks up to you for their well being. It is up to you to ensure that.


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