Looking For A Perfect Pet? Adopt Sasha, An Adorable And Obedient Rottweiler

Are you in search of a dog who is gentle, loving, and fun? Look no further because Sasha can be your perfect pet! She is a spayed female Rottweiler mix and is six years old. Adopt Sasha, she is smart, obedient, and has a pleasing personality.

Rottweiler breed has been made infamous for aggression but it is not so. They just need a mature person to guide them. They are an intelligent and keen breed. If you can handle a serious yet goofy dog, then adopt Sasha.

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She has been house-trained in her previous home and understands basic commands like sit, stand, stay, etc., very well. Are you someone who doesn’t have much time to train a new puppy? You don’t want to spend on a dog school either? Then take Sasha home. She is well trained and is always willing to learn more, just give her ample treats and boops!

adopt Sasha
adopt Sasha

One thing that she needs is undivided attention from you. Thus it would be excellent for her and you if you don’t already have pets. She loves going for walks and will definitely help you keep your weight under control! And who doesn’t want to be in good shape, right?

A benefit of adopting a grown-up dog is that you don’t need to be extremely careful around them. Puppies, on the other hand, tend to need more attention and care. Most of the times Sasha can be on her own. But of course, she will need some playtime with her hooman family.

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If after reading this you feel like you’d gel well with her and that you, or someone you know, want to adopt Sasha then please contact the shelter. Sasha is now living in the SPCA Orillia Animal Centre. You can visit the shelter at 467 West Street North in Orillia to meet the animals and fill out an adoption application. You can also visit www.ontariospca.ca or www.meetyourmatch.ontariospca.ca.


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