There are many dogs picked up by shelters – abandoned, struggling dogs going through a terrible phase in their lives. Kylo was one of them. He was in the shelter like so many other shelter dogs but then, he was rescued by Meghan Sweers.

Meghan was able to identify what Kylo lacked. Lots of love. Being abandoned has made the dog feel like he doesn’t deserve any love. But then, Meghan came in and became the ‘one’ Kylo was waiting for. Nowadays, Kylo, the rescue dog, is desperate for some cuddle time. He will keep following Meghan all over the place with a sad face until she gets down and gives him those lovely cuddles.

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Kylo did not have this lovely time throughout his life. Kylo was just 10 months old when he was put in a shelter. From there, he was taken to a foster home. There he lived for ages with no one looking at him or showing any love to this poor animal. And then, by luck, Sweers came in with her husband and spotted this lovely dog.

Even the first night was a night of immense celebration. Kylo, the rescue dog, would slither into Sweers lap and then, slowly tuck his head just under her chin. Once he got into this comfortable position, Kylo dozed off. He started snoring like some heavy machinery. Once Meghan saw this wonderful thing, he knew that they had to keep Kylo anyhow.

Kylo continues to hug people any time they arrive. He has found his wonderful home and his wonderful family. But he tries to extend his family more. Whenever he meets someone, he climbs on their lap and starts to hug them. In the process, he also falls asleep in their lap. He has the power to make anyone his family, even if he does so a little bit forcibly.

Meghan is not left behind though. Whenever she enters the house, Kylo, the rescue dog, is waiting for a long session of hugs. Once she sits to take off her shoes, Kylo is there on her lap.

Kylo the rescue dog Kylo the rescue dog Kylo the rescue dog Kylo the rescue dog

Kylo the rescue dog Kylo the rescue dog Kylo the rescue dog

Well, Kylo deserves all the love in the world. And he surely has a way of taking every bit of it.

Credit: Facebook (h/t)