Improve your dog’s diet to avoid common health conditions: 3 homemade food ideas 

 You will be surprised how quickly your dog will become your best friend and even a part of your family! There is something about dogs that make people want to forget about their problems and just play ball. Is it because of their sweet looks? Or maybe because dogs love their owners unconditionally? 

Obviously, you want the best for your four-legged friend. To make your dog feel better, improve his diet. Ideally, it should be adjusted to your dog’s age, weight, and breed in order to avoid any health problems in the future. 

Today, many pet parents take great precautions while choosing the ideal food for their furry friends and opt for products known for their quality and that are filled with all the essential nutrients. Ensuring that your dog has an adequate, well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to keep your dog happy and healthy.  

Your dog may have his own food preferences, and you should observe what kinds of food he likes to eat and which products he usually avoids. 

To determine the best diet for your dog, consider checking Farmina dog food reviews. It will give you an insight into the ingredients found in dog foods. It is essential to ensure that your dog is getting the right amount of different nutrients, and those can vary according to your dog’s individual needs.  

Some dogs are more prone to suffer from heart or kidney problems; that is why in those cases, you should make sure that the foods you’re giving your dog do not contain substantially large amounts of ingredients that may incline the onset of those specific diseases.   

We prepared five homemade food ideas that will not only provide your dog with a nutrient filled meal, but leave him happy, and energized.  

The Old Standard: 

This easy, and fairly inexpensive meal is a great way to get your dog a head start in the day, and provide him with a nutritious meal he deserves.  

Simply combine 1 1/2 cups brown cooked rice (cook according to instructions), with 3 pounds of oil cooked ground turkey, 2 shredded carrots, zucchinis, and a cup of fresh beans- both canned or frozen will be good for this one! 

Mix all the ingredients together to form a consistent mixture, and it’s all done! Also, feel free to add any other vegetables or treats that your dog may like to the mixture, and he’ll love it so much more! 

Beef & Veggie Mix: 

This recipe is as straightforward as it sounds, it’s a simple combination of beef with vegetables! 

Simply combine 2 1/2 pounds ground cooked beef (Do not add spices), with 1 1/2 cups brown rice, 1 can kidney beans, drained and rinsed, 1 1/2 cups chopped butternut squash, and 1 1/2 cups chopped carrots.  

Preferably place all those ingredients in a slow cooker if you possess one, but if you don’t then simply leave them cooking in a water filled pot, on low to medium heat for an hour or two, and stir from time to time. When it’s all done, drain, and let it completely cool down, before serving it to your dog! 

Vegan Happy Dog Bowl: 

Did you ever think your dog may be secretly dreaming about becoming a vegan influencer? Well, think twice, because with this vegan happy bowl, your dog may just be tweeting out his next food pic!  

This super simple, healthy, and yummy dish, will allow your dog to get a mixture of complex carbohydrates, combined with some healthy vegetables!  

Combine 1 large sweet potato (preferably baked but can also be boiled) with 1 can (15 ounces) black beans, drained and rinsed, 2/3 cups boiled brown rice and 6 kale leaf stems, broken into 1 inch pieces. After all the ingredients are cooked, and added together with each other, simply let it cool down until it reaches room temperature, divide into a couple of equal portions (you know your dog’s appetite the best), and let him enjoy all that delicious food! 

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