How to Make your Rottweiler Dog to Walk properly alongside?

Are you fighting with your dog trying to find out ways of teaching it to walk properly? Well, a regular trial can help you sort out the things properly. Rottweilers are big and strong breeds, who when trained appropriately can become disciplined and well-behaved.  

Keeping a pup is just like adopting a kid and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You cannot teach your new-born baby to crawl and walk altogether, isn’t it? The same goes for a pup as well. It would be difficult for it to get used to the circumstances during the initial days, but once you continue doing it over a long period of time, things would automatically take their turns.  

It is important to understand that dogs learn all that you reinforce it. Make a training plan and try to adhere to it. Try to remain consistent, and prepare the program keeping your dog’s personality in mind. In case you feel that there are certain physical or behavioral issues with your pup, try to address them as soon as possible. Refer to a trainer if needed.  

Well, here are a few basic tips and tricks to start with! 

Start when it’s still young

rottweiler walking
rottweiler walking

Rottweilers are lovely and loyal companions and grow up to be one of the best of their kinds if treated right. It is usually ideal to start its training program when your pup is still young. You can commence the training schedule as early as when he is just 6 weeks old. No matter if your dog is still young, you should immediately schedule its training as soon as he becomes one of your family members.  

Make sure you have enough time in hand 

Remember that dog training doesn’t happen overnight. You should have patience and remain consistent in training your Rottweiler. It will take time to pick up the skills, but with a regular or continuous effort, it would become easier for your dog to adapt things much easily.  

Never be discouraged even if things don’t go according to your desire 

You might have great plans for your dog, but you may find that things aren’t going according to your wish. There’s nothing to feel discouraged about it. Rottweilers are intelligent dogs, and all you need is to have a proper communication with him and things would go fine without any trouble.  

Establish rules for your rottweiler 

Your dog will start walking alongside, don’t worry! Make sure that you have faith on your training procedure and your pup too! Establishing rules is important as that will give a fair idea to your dog about all that it is required to do, and all that’s it shouldn’t! Give him a token of appreciation if he has behaved good all day! This will encourage him to improve each day.  

At times, you might need to dominate!  

Yeah, that’s true! Dominance doesn’t mean physical aggression. It simply means that you should reinforce certain things to your dog with hand motions or by placing a command with a firm voice. This will give your dog the faith that you are the leader of the pack, and thus, he should be abiding your words. Do not beat him up or abuse him physically as that may create a negative impact on the rottweiler, thereby pushing it to the end where your dog starts fearing you, and thus, ends up undermining your training program.  

Be kind and compassionate enough! 

The very first time I tried teaching my rottweiler to walk right by my side, things weren’t going well with me. It wasn’t comfortable nor trained. However, I started practicing it the same way on a regular basis over a period of a month, and trust me, it worked! Now, even if I do not look at it, I am pretty sure that there’s no issue at all. My pup will still go on walking right beside me! Well, it is essential to stay kind and compassionate with your dog. Take care of every minute change in its behavior. See if it is having any trouble, and try fixing it ASAP. Ignoring it might make it worse in the long run. 

Play the ‘Focus Game’ 

Rottweilers tend to have a habit of sniffing every bush, and walking upto every dog. It seems as if they are more interested in trying to figure out the things that are going around them. It becomes really difficult to prevent it from running towards every random direction it feels like! The best way to do so is to keep it focused on you during a stroll. Try calling its name, and allow him to respond more often. Give commands and see if they are working for your dog.  

Train him to own self-control 

Since Rottweilers are full of energy, it becomes even more important to train him self-control. This will eventually help your dog to stay calm while it’s walking beside you.  

Do not allow your dog to make pulling a habit 

If you allow your dog to do what he feels like, he will continue doing so! In case your dog pulls you in a particular direction, do not move that way, stay stiff and wait right there till he returns!  

Frequently asked questions about Rottweiler’s training and how should you schedule its walking habits 

How long should your rottweiler walk in a day? 

It is usually recommended to make your Rottweilers exercise for a minimum span of 120 minutes. Since these Rottweilers are active dogs, you can take it on a walk, in the park or even play a ball with it.  

How to train your dog to socialize? 

It is deliberately important to make sure that your dog is exposed to positive circumstances. Also, teach it to greet other dogs and individuals, so that your dog feels comfortable meeting strangers and turning them to his friends.  



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