How Can You Train A Bully Rottweiler To Respect Your Small Child?

Rotties are extremely adorable and you are going to feel protected and loved if you are with a Rottie. The same is true for your kids too. However, Rottweilers have terrible infamy of being violent. It is especially so if you have not given the right training to your dog. If you don’t assume the alpha position with your Rottie, they can quickly turn into a bully Rottweiler. They go out of your control.

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If you have a kid in your house and a Rottie puppy, then there is a high chance that your Rottie will become a bully Rottweiler. The reason for this is that when a kid comes to the house or rather is born in the same house as a Rottie puppy, Rotties think of the kid as a sibling. As a result, they start to push them or lean their bodies against them. They can even follow them at times. These may look like friendly behavior but it can also seem harmful in the long run. Because it is just a way of showing dominance since the Rottie thinks of the kid as someone being in the lower end of the spectrum of dominance.

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However, it is necessary that your bully Rottweiler understands that though the kid is small, any human is actually in a more dominant position that the Rottie. So, you have to take some measures to ensure that the Rottie knows their place. The best way to do this one is by employing the kid in the care of the dog. You can start off by letting your child feed the dog. Let your child feed the dog once every day. Ensure that you have trained the dog to sit and eat and not snatch the food – as that could be harmful. Once your kid starts feeding the Rottie, the bully Rottweiler will look at your child as a provider and develop a sense of seniority towards them.

Also, you have to ensure that your Rottie actually listens to your kid and obeys their command as well. It will not be an easy thing for a bully Rottweiler to be trained in this manner, but you have to try. If your kid tells the bully Rottweiler to sit, the Rottie has to sit no matter what. You might have to force their butt down to the floor, but then your kid can treat the dog. That way you can condition the dog to understand the kid’s command and also know that the kid needs to be respected as well.

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You can always involve yourself when the bully Rottweiler is becoming extremely mischievous. But remember that you should be on the sidelines most of the time. Let your kid handle the situation at first and impose the required dominance. Don’t let the bully Rottweiler go up to the bed or climb furniture. This is their way of testing the waters before going for the dominant leap.

Correct such behavior before it becomes a habit.


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