House Training a Rottweiler Puppy 

Thinking of house training your rottweiler puppy? Rottweilers are extremely loyal, and they could be really good companions. However, it is essential to house train your rottweiler puppy to make sure that your dog doesn’t make you feel embarrassed in front of your guests. A well-trained dog will adjust well in your family, and with such intelligence, you would be able to train your rottweiler dog at ease.

Just take care that you do not leave it alone, and let him go as you like, nor does it mean that you always go around behind your pup.

Just keep a note of every activity that it does, and you are done. Investing a little time can actually make a huge difference to your dog. 

House Training a Rottweiler Puppy
House Training a Rottweiler Puppy

Here Are A Few Tips To Follow In Order To House Training a Rottweiler Puppy

  • Start early: 

It is important to gear up your dog for the training session when it is still young. You can start its training as early as when it is just six to eight weeks old. Make sure that you keep each session short and fun. If you start training it such an early age of its life, you will find it easy to develop its skills without any trouble. Also, it becomes easier for the dog to pick up the things quite easily.  

  • Keep each session short and precise: 

If your sessions are too long, it would become difficult for your dog to pay attention to it. Therefore, ensure keeping each training session short and precise so that your dog is able to learn things quickly. It is usually recommended to conduct the training session frequently, but keep them of a short duration.  

  • Appreciate your pup and reward him for doing good: 

Rewarding your pup and appreciating him when it does good is one of the best things you can ever do! This is one of the most positive and effective way to train your dog. Give your rottweiler a small piece of tasty treat, be it a small cube of cheese, or a small piece of chicken when it listens to your command and act accordingly. If your dog does according to you, give him a small token of appraisal immediately to make him realize that’s what you have been expecting from him.  

  • Never hit or yell your pup: 

Training a dog is more like teaching a small kid. Make sure that you are always behaving in a friendly way. Never make the mistake of hitting or yelling at your pup. It’s important for your dog to hear you, but that doesn’t mean that you pose a threat to your dog. If you become too arrogant, your dog won’t come up to you! Be friendly, and praise it every time it does something in the right direction. Encouragement is important, and when you encourage your dog, you motivate him for doing good.  

  • Use simple command words: 

Using simple words to command your dog is important. If you use longer sentences, your dog would find it difficult to listen to you. Therefore, you should always use simple words to make him understand all that you intend to!  

  • Be consistent in your approach: 

Remember nothing comes easy! You didn’t learn to obey everything your parents had to say in a day. The same goes for your dog as well. It might be a little difficult to convey your instructions to your pup on the initial days. However, be consistent in your approach and take out some time from your regular schedule to help it adapt to the instructions at ease.  

  • Repeat the commands: 

Repeat one command for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes before moving onto the next one. The more your pup hears you, the sooner will he be able to pick up the skills. Make sure that you are in no hurry to complete the session. If you keep on repeating the same thing over and over again, it would become easier for your dog to grab the task without much difficulty.  

Important commands to house train your Rottweiler

Now, that we have already shared you the tips, here are some of the basics that you can check out before commencing the training session: 

  • “No bite”

Pups usually go through a teething stage wherein it would bite anything and everything that’s right in front of him. Your dog might end up biting your hand or finger as well during the play. If it ever does so, act as if he has hurt you. Yelp or squeal at it if needed. Then, leave the room so that your dog is able to understand that he has done something that was wrong. One of the most common mistakes is to tap your pup’s nose. Never do it as that would rather excite your dog even more.  

  • “No chew” 

If your dog is chewing anything that it finds around him, simply snatch it away and keep it out of your rottweiler’s reach. Say “no chew” so that it can understand all that it should do and all that it shouldn’t! 

  • “Quiet” 

Say “quiet” when you want your pup to stop barking and remain silent. Use finger on your mouth to demonstrate this! It may require a little time, but your dog will gradually pick it up.  

  • “Sit”, “Come”, “Stay” 

These are some of the simple commands that you need to make your dog get associated with. These are some of the most important commands that you would need to teach your dog. Be consistent enough to help your dog learn them.  

  • “Paw” 

Are you planning to file the nails of your dog? If that’s so, do not lift its paw, rather allow your rottweiler to do so all by himself. You can even do this while it’s playing.  

Bottom line: 

Be flexible with your dog at times! It is important to be firm, and strict, yet know the fine difference between being friendly and composed at the same time.  



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