Did You Know These Fun Facts About Your Rottweiler?

One of the most recognized breeds of dogs, Rottweiler still gets a bad name due to weird myths and rumors. Popular for their build, and coat, there are a lot of things that are hidden from the eye. These can be easily perceived if one actually took the time to know them. Rottweilers are simply amazing because they are loyal, intelligent, and extremely gentle with people they love. And some fun facts about the Rottweiler might really shock you.

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Here are a few interesting facts that might be true in your Rottweiler’s case:

Fun Facts About The Rottweiler


Rottweilers are pretty ancient dogs. They are said to be descended from the mastiffs that were the companions of Roman soldiers back in the day. Although the true origin is not yet discovered, the slight resemblance between a mastiff and a Rottweiler is evidence enough.

A Different Coat

red rottie fun facts about rottweilers

The modern Rottweiler is a relatively new breed, coming from the 1920s. Preceding that, it was absolutely normal for a Rottweiler to have coats of any color, be it grey, red, or even tiger-striped.

Maturity Takes Time

Due to the relative size of an average Rottweiler, they can take time to grow and mature into an adult. Although the size keeps increasing, the mental faculties don’t develop equally fast. So, it wouldn’t be out of the blue to find a Rottweiler with the body of an adult and the child-like enthusiasm of a puppy.

They Communicate With Their Owners

While most dogs have their own form of communication involving barking and whining, the Rottweiler has a very different set of skills that helps them communicate. They will create a low rumbling sound deep within, which is going to sound more like a purr, than an actual growl.


fun facts about rottweilers

Although it does look like the Rottweiler sheds very little, the reality is just the opposite. The short coat is actually the second layer of a very thick coat. The presence of a double coat will obviously lead to them shedding very heavily. Needless to say, you have to groom and brush them daily. Otherwise, they would get tangled in their own hair.


Rottweilers are impossibly hard-working. They would love to be challenged into different activities and they would do it out of love for you. They are not just guard dogs or watchdogs. One fun fact about Rottweilers is that they can be trained as therapy dogs, apart from being avid participants in sports. They love to move, you see.

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Lean On

Maybe it is time to lean on! Due to the genealogy of Rottweilers, which saw them leaning against cattle to help them move in a particular direction, it will do the same to you. They will lean on to you and try to use their weight to move you into the direction they want.

Hopefully, your knowledge of your Rottweiler is a little less hole-y now. Don’t you think they are exquisite and amazing? Well, the above fun facts about your Rottweiler might have already formed the idea in your mind.


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