Are Rottweilers Good Dogs? No, They’re The Best!

Nothing is inherently good or bad in humans or our favorite doggos. Circumstances make us so. Similarly, you can’t just look at a Rottweiler and assume them to be a bad breed. Yet, we can say with some assurance, that Rottweilers are good dogs if you give them the love and the training that they deserve. Just like any other breed, this breed too requires attention. And if you are unable to give them attention, then don’t own one. For, it doesn’t take time to build a myth about a Rottweiler’s reputation. Let them be trained by people who actually want to. For, in their hands, a Rottweiler is a good dog.

Here are a few reasons why Rotties are the best-

Desire To Please

A Rottweiler is a family dog that will literally do anything to get your approval. And when we say anything, we mean anything. You can ask them to do somersaults in the air, and they would happily do that. But what you need to know is that they too require your presence in their lives. They will shower you with love and work harder than anyone else to get your appreciation. Can’t really deny that Rottweilers are good dogs now, can you?

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Rottweilers Are Good Dogs For They Are Amazing With Children

There are literally thousands of videos on YouTube which display Rottweilers being extremely gentle with babies and toddlers. When assuming that a Rottweiler is vicious, people forget that they too have feelings towards other species. A Rottweiler will never injure or maim a baby because their own parental instincts kick in. And your baby will get a friend for life.

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Guard Dogs

Although it is simply a hyperbole about Rottweilers being bred for watchdogs, Rottweilers ARE good at keeping guard. They are extremely intelligent, and independent, so if they find something invasive or shifty, they will quickly assert themselves. They can feel it, rather smell something fishy from a long distance. But that doesn’t mean that they are simply useful for that. They are used by the K9 forces as sniffing companions.

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Loyal To Boot

This should assuage all your fears about Rottweilers- they are loyal to boot. They are such good dogs, that they will kill themselves before turning on their owners. Of course, if you have been nothing but abusive, the situation is entirely different then. But in caring families, a Rottweiler is just another member. They can never be abusive or betray the family that takes care of them.

Social Superstars

Rottweilers absolutely love to socialize. Especially as a puppy, they would love to be around other dogs or human beings because their excitement would heighten the vision even further. A Rottweiler should be socialized from birth- with several classes fixed for them. This helps them reign in their temperament a bit and not develop the slight aggressive gene that they have. A Rottweiler will definitely be extremely affectionate if you as an owner are aware of how to do things properly.

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The main question begets- are you willing to take care of a Rottweiler? If yes, then go for it. But do your research well. Keep in mind though, that Rottweilers ARE good dogs.


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