Rottweilers and babies go hand in hand. Or rather, paws in hand. The baby thinks of the dog as their sibling, as their toy they should be extremely careful with, while the Rottweiler is extremely protective of the baby. Sometimes, the Rottweiler is more protective of the baby than their parents. Now, what is interesting here is that however ferocious a Rottweiler is to strangers, they are amazingly kind, generous and gentle when it comes to a Rottweiler-baby interaction. They would snuggle with the baby, cuddle with them, play with them, jump around them, with their actions leading to peals of laughter.

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A Rottweiler-baby interaction is one of the purest things that one could find on the internet. Literally, thousands of videos flood YouTube every single day, highlighting the love between a Rottweiler and a baby. The Rottweiler is their first friend, first sibling, and first bodyguard. A Rottweiler is entrusted with the most important job of being their caretaker when the parent is not around. And the Rottweiler does it to the best of their abilities. They would run around the baby, sometimes even pick them in their jaws and take them to their bed. Yet, all the while they will make sure that the child is in no way hurt.

Rottweiler-baby interaction

A child shares many of their most cherished moments with their Rottweiler. They would let their Rottie lick them, all the while giggling at the ticklish nature of the action. They would hold on to them while falling asleep, and naturally being absolutely adorable with them. As an adult, all you can do is ‘aww’ at the sight of a Rottweiler-baby interaction. A child with their Rottweiler would have no care about the world and would simply never care that you are photographing them.

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This brings us to some of the best videos of children cooing around their Rottweilers, unmindful of the world beyond. This truly is an example of friendship that transcends language, species, and everything that divides humanity.

A Rottweiler-baby interaction is really beautiful and here’s a video compilation of the top 10 such interactions and it will bowl you over with its cuteness!