20 Odd Things You Had No Idea Your Rottweiler Enjoys Doing

Even though we may share with our rottweiler a love for food, play and comfortable bedding, Rover may send us daily reminders that he has different preferences when it comes to certain aspects of life. Whether instinctive or reinforcing, certain behaviors may leave you confused, sometimes disgusted and other times you may just find yourself scratching your head in disbelief.  Despite your feelings, perhaps this famous saying explains things best:  “To each his own.”20 Odd Things You Had No Idea Your Rottweiler Enjoys Doing Them With You   (and some possible explanations)

Rottweiler Enjoys Doing
Rottweiler Enjoys Doing


1-Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Turning in circles before laying down”

Your dog may do this routine before taking a nap, what gives? There’s belief this behavior is reminiscent of a dog’s past when dogs used to sleep in grass and the turning would scare off any critters and the stomping would flatten the grass so he could create a comfy place to sleep and enjoy.

2- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Foraging”.

What? Did you just say foraging? Isn’t that something farm animals like cows and horses do? Turns out, dogs love to work and search for their food, so if you want to make Rover extra happy Don’t feeding from the food bowl and scatter his kibble around the house to search or stuff it inside a Kong or a bottle without a lid.

3- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Eating grass”.

Your dog is not a herbivore, so what’s this obsession with grass? It could be he enjoys eating greens, but keep an eye on him as this may be a sign of digestive upset.

4- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Listening to the TV or music” .

OK, your dog may not have your same passion for Pink Floyd or U2, but  research shows that classical music can calm dogs down, which is why the CD “Through a Dog’s Ear” has had so much success in shelters and among owners of hyper or anxious pups.

5- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Going to School”.

Most dogs enjoy going to classes and learning new behaviors if you keep things positive and upbeat.

6- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Licking toddler’s faces”.

No, these often aren’t doggy kisses as we romantically perceive, most likely Rover is licking your child’s mouth because he has remnants of Spaghetti O’s sauce or cotton candy.

7- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Digging up plants”.

If you have a green thumb and your dog watches you garden, chances are he’ll want to participate as well. You can’t blame him, dogs love to dig but they don’t have a green thumb, so they’ll often do more damage than good. You’re better off providing him an acceptable place to dig rather than discouraging this instinctive behavior.

8- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Barking at the mail man”.

Your dog doesn’t have anything personal against the mail man, but you may wonder why he keeps barking at him despite seeing him every day. Fact is, from your dog’s perspective, he’s defending his turf, and since every time he barks, the mailman leaves, this behavior becomes highly reinforcing as he believes his bark is what sends him away.

9- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Disassembling the remote”.

Not only the remote has your scent on it, but it’s fun to disassemble too. If your dog is lonely and bored, the remote can become a fun entertainment piece especially since it’s always handy. For safety sake, best to keep it out of reach.

10- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Degutting squeaky toys”.

Yes, dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys, but why? There are chances the squeaks mimic injured prey animals, and if your dog is shaking the toy, he’s likely mimicking the action of breaking a prey animal’s neck. In addition, the chewing to take the squeaker out mimics removing the entrails. No worries though; this is just play. Make sure though your dog doesn’t swallow the squeaker; it can cause a blockage!

11- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Stealing from the laundry basket”. 

From Rover’s perspective, your belonging are always appealing for the simple fact that they carry your scent. And of course, dirty laundry carries much more scent than clean laundry! So getting into the laundry basket can be comforting if you’re away a good part of the day, and on top of that, it’s fun to play with too!

12- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Running after things”.

Whether it’s a car, bike or an innocent jogger running on the sidewalk, your dog surely gets a kick from chasing. This behavior is reminiscent of a dog’s predatory drive, and if you own a herding breed, his instinct to herd and group animals, children or inanimate objects may be deeply ingrained.

13- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Chasing tails”.

You’ll often see this in puppies as they discover the appendage can make a fun game. Older dogs may engage in this too if they have lots of energy and feel playful. However, caution should be used in not reinforcing this behavior as it can turn into a compulsive disorder.

14- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Raiding the cat’s litter box.”

Did your dog visit Snow Ball’s waste disposal box again? Well, those secret visits in search of  kitty “Tootsie Rolls” are there for a good reason. Consider that cat food is higher in fat and protein, and therefore, those nuggets are very palatable from your dog’s perspective. Your best bet? Keep the litter box out of reach.

15- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Sniffing dog butts.”

It may not make sense to us, but sniffing another dog’s butt is the canine equivalent of a handshake. The anal glands found under the dog’s tail emit chemicals that can tell a dog a whole lot about the other dog’s sex, health, diet and more.

16- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Sniffing people’s crotches.”

So your dog trots over to greet your guests and ends up sniffing at their groin or poking his snout in their butt. As much as this looks embarrassing, you can’t blame him though. With his strong sense of smell, this is Rover’s instinctive way to gather information.

17- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Mounting other dogs or things.”

While this behavior seems linked to reproduction, it’s also seen in neutered and spayed dogs.  Why? This behavior may be caused by excitement, stress or anxiety and dogs do it because it gives them relief, or plain and simple, just makes them feel good. And of course, you’ll often see it as part of your dog’s play repertoire.

18- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Butt scooting.”

The behavior looks funny, until your dog starts leaving stains on your immaculate carpet. Dogs like to drag their bottoms of the floor because it gives them relief from irritated anal glands.

19- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Rolling in stinky stuff.”

This behavior exasperates many owners, especially if it happens shortly after a bath. Whether it’s cow manure, horse manure or the carcass of a long dead animal, there’s no denial, your dog is rolling in it to his heart’s content as if he’s bathing in Chanel No. 5.  There are different theories as to why dogs do this, but most likely, it’s a canine’s way of smelling like prey so to make it easier to hunt.

20- Rottweiler Enjoys Doing “Drinking out of the toilet.”

To a human, a toilet is a receptacle for waste, but from a dog’s perspective it’s a fountain of youth. The water is often fresh and oxygenated from the repeated flushes and the porcelain keeps the water tasting good. Best to close the lid though to avoid potential exposure to chemicals!


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