10 things your Rottweiler hates about you.

Although it is hard to believe if there are things that your rottweiler does not like at all about you and this list is an example of some …

Yes, we know that your rottweiler loves you and loves you over all the things in the world, but as in any relationship, there are situations or actions that simply fall very badly on those who live with us.

It might seem that our rottweilers love us so much that they would be able to forgive us anything, but the reality is that not everything can be “honey on croquettes” and, even if you do not believe it, there are things that your rottweiler does not support from you. Did you notice?

Of course, each rottweiler is different, but most agree that these are some of the things they most hate about their humans:

10 things your Rottweiler hates about you.

10. That you talk so much

When we want our Rottweilers to pay attention to us, it is very frequent that we talk to them without stopping or that we repeat again and again the commands and all this, instead of helping, ends up stuning them more. They will always prefer concise words and calm energy on your part.

9. That you be so loving with other rottweilers

Yes, maybe you suspected it, but your Rottie can get very jealous. Although there are rottweilers that are more tolerant than others, for some it is almost intolerable that you think of getting used to helping any rottweiler ​​you find there. Of course, if you have several rottweilers at home, this is something that you must regulate so that the affection touches everyone equally.

8. That you are in a hurry

In these times we are all busy, always in a hurry, we all walk from top to bottom, full of stress. And what do you think? Your Rottweiler hates it! Nothing like that his beloved owner is calm and, above all, with time to pay attention to him.

7. Cleaning your house

In general, rottweilers are very upset by strong odors, because their nose is extremely sensitive. So every time you give up to leave everything gleaming and you use cleaners, your rottweiler passes it fatally. Also, remember that many of them can be toxic to rottweilers.

6. Your taste for manicure

Almost all rottweilers HATE their nails. Many learn to tolerate it, but that does not mean they enjoy it, because their legs are very sensitive and even bother the “click” sound of the clippers. All a torture for them.

5. Your obsession with bathing

Most rottweilers do not like to be bathed. It makes them feel subdued and trapped in a small space, while wetting, carving and manipulating constantly under a stream of water. Even rottweilers that like water and swim, will suffer enough from the bath. And if you also end up putting perfume on them, believe us they will hate you more.

4. Your sadness

When you get sad your Rottweiler does it too. The energy feeds back and your rottweiler absorbs it like a sponge. It is enough to see your face when you do not even stand to realize that your Rottie is not having a good time.

3. Your work

Unless you are a professional runner or rottweiler walker, your Rottweiler hates your job, more if you are a clerk and leave home for a long time. Actually, he hates any other activity that keeps you away from him and prevents you from paying attention. Even if you work from home and keep him company, as the hours pass, subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) he will begin to ask you for attention.

2. Your perfume

This is one of the things rottweilers hate the most. Not only it is very irritating for their nose (just listen to them sneeze every time you put on perfume), but also cover your delicious natural smell they love.

1. Hugs

Yes, this is an absolute truth. rottweilers do not like to be hugged. It makes them feel trapped and subdued, and that shocks them. They also learn to tolerate it because they love you and because they can perceive how happy it makes you.


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