Your Rottweiler’s Weight Points To The State Of Their Health

The Rottweiler is generally classified as a medium to large dog breed. They carry their weight well but owners must ensure that their Rottweiler doesn’t end up eating more than required as obesity can bring with it a host of problems. Keeping your dog a little on the lower side of the Rottweiler weight chart is preferable as losing weight becomes a problem once obesity sets in. Proper nourishment will ensure that your Rottweiler gets the right nourishment and maintains the right weight. The other vital factor that ensures the right weight of your Rottweiler is the right amount of exercise.

Excess Rottweiler Weight- A Burden On The Bones And The Heart

Excess weight is more harmful to the larger dog breeds as they develop heart ailments, and also joint and spine problems.

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The Normal Rottweiler Weight

A fully grown male Rottweiler weighs between 100 and 120 pounds though they can reach up to 130 pounds in rare cases. A female Rottie can weigh between 85 and 105 pounds.

Rottweiler weight

Calculating The Ideal Weight Of Your Rottweiler

A Rottweiler gains the most weight up to 9 months of age and then the growth rate slows down considerably. The Rottweiler weight chart will guide you to the ideal weight of the puppy. These averages will give you an actionable plan to determine future plans for feeding and exercise.

Choosing the right food helps keep your Rottie’s weight within the recommended range. Puppies are highly energetic and require additional food. Gradually cut down on their diet as adult dogs do not expend the same amount of energy.

The First Year

The end of the first year is the ideal time to evaluate your Rottweiler’s diet and weight. This is the time to change from puppy food to adult food. Discuss with your vet for the ideal adult feed for your Rottweiler. It could be the time to cut down on their feeding schedules from 3 times to only twice or even once a day.

Reduce The Treats

Treats are an essential part of the Rottweiler’s training. But try to wean the dog away from it. Food should not be the only incentive to train a Rottweiler. There are other impetuses. But if you happen to be among the unfortunate ones whose Rottweiler decides for them, then at least make sure that the treats are a part of the regular diet, not a bonus. You will be surprised how much treats contribute to a Rottweiler’s weight.

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Exercise As A Means To Ensure The Ideal Rottweiler Weight

The Rottweiler is a natural outdoor breed and is always game for a bout of strenuous exercise. They are used to strenuous jobs like search and rescue and law enforcement. Vigorous exercise is necessary to ensure that the Rottweiler maintains an ideal weight and the correct muscle to fat ratio.

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Plan According To External Factors

External factors determine the amount of food that a Rottweiler needs to maintain the ideal weight. They are active in summer and so need more food. But if they remain confined to their home in winter, then plan accordingly.

A proper diet will ensure that the Rottweiler’s weight remains constantly ideal throughout their life. Ensure that you are feeding the right food according to their weight. Remember that human food is not the right food for dogs. Relying constantly on the growth chart will ensure that your Rottweiler stays within the ideal weight throughout the year.


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