Why is my Rottweiler always thirsty?

If you noticed that your Rottweiler is always thirsty, you have to know the reasons why this happens. Here you’ll see some reasons why your Rottweiler may get thirsty more than usual.

why your rottweiler is always thirsty

Causes might be a disease, medications, food, heat, and activity levels. If you don’t really know the reason why your Rottie drinks a lot of water so you have to take it to the vet.

Why your Rottweiler is always thirsty


The reason might be that it has some kind of disease. This is more likely to happen if you noticed that it became very thirsty suddenly. So, it might be a sign of an illness. The best solution is to take it to the vet.


Sometimes, some kinds of medications may lead to making your dog thirsty. So, you have to inform your vet about this side effect of the medication.

Hot weather

Sometimes, Rottweilers get thirsty just because weather is hotter. So, they drink a lot of water to help them get cooler. So, you have to let them be in shaded places in a cool room with water.

It’s highly active

Another reason why your Rottie drinks a lot of water that it’s naturally highly active. So, he might be doing a lot of activities that make him so thirsty. Rottweilers are likely to bear high intense exercise so if this happens, tell the vet about it.

The food that it is eating

Moreover, it can be a problem with their diet. So they can be more likely to drink a lot when they drink certain foods. This will help you know what you have to feed them and don’t let anyone feed them without your permission.

Things to consider

Here are some points to consider if your Rottweiler is being thirsty all the time.

When your Rottie has suddenly started to drink a lot of water

If your Rottweiler has not generally been so thirsty, it would assist with thinking about what else happened when it initially began doing it.

In the event that it has begun drinking a ton out of nowhere, it would be bound to be because of things, for example, sickness, blistering climate, drug or an adjustment in its eating routine. It would assist with thinking about what changed at around a similar time that it began drinking more.

Though, on the off chance that your Rottweiler has constantly drunk a ton of water, at that point almost certainly, it is really drinking an ordinary amount, particularly if it is naturally active and the vet has not discovered any issues.

The timing of when it tends to drink more

If there is a sure time that it will, in general, be thirstier, it could likewise be the situation that the planning has something to do with it.

If your Rottweiler drinks more at specific occasions it would be bound to be because of things, for example, an issue with its eating routine or being dynamic. It would assist with thinking about what happens not long before it begins drinking a great deal. If it drinks soon after eating then it could be because of a lot of sodium.

While, if your Rottweiler drinks a ton on irregular occasions then, all things considered, it is really drinking an ordinary sum, it is sick or that it is because of some medications.

When you should be concerned

In the list below are some examples of when your Rottweiler drinking a lot would be a situation where you should take it to a vet:

  • It started to behave differently
  • It’s acting tired
  • It’s showing signs of disease
  • It started drinking a lot suddenly and you don’t know why

What can you do about your Rottweiler drinking a lot?

The following are a few things you can do about your Rottweiler drinking a lot.

Take it to a vet

If it has begun drinking a ton abruptly, it has been giving indications of ailment or it has been doing it unreasonably, the best choice is taking it to a vet. Thusly, you ought to have the option to preclude clinical causes and to get master exhortation custom fitted towards your specific Rottweiler.

Give it access to cool and shaded zones

It would likewise assist with giving it access to cool and concealed zones for the duration of the day so it can remain cool when it is hot outside. You can likewise walk it in the first part of the day or night so it can abstain from being out in the sun when it is at its most grounded.

Permit it to keep on drinking water

It is significant that you permit your Rottweiler to keep on approaching water. Rather than decreasing its entrance to the water, take measures to manage the reason if it is something that you can manage, for example, an issue with its eating regimen.


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