What Factors Influence A Rottweiler Dogs Price?

The Rottweiler is a famous dog and has been referred to as the 8th most popular dog in the US. So, when you look at the rottweiler dogs price, you might be surprised that they are priced a bit higher. But for the dog, it’s not the base price that matters. To get the correct estimate of a rottweiler dogs price, you have to factor in some of the future costs that the Rottweiler might bring. It is based on such calculations that you can come to a proper conclusion as to whether a Rottweiler can be a great dog for you or not.

Rotties have been present since the times of Roman drovers and so, they have quite a heritage attached to them. The median price of a Rottie dog is around $1,025. A better lineage like the German Rottweiler can cost you around $2,000 – $8,000. If you adopt, you can get it at $350-$550 with vaccinations and registration. Try to buy a dog from ethical breeders and not from puppy mills. The reason would be the standard – as puppy mill dogs can end up incurring more costs due to a variety of diseases that they might contract.

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Rottweiler dogs price when you consider food

As a large dog who is quite energetic, a Rottie needs its fair share of food. And so, to match their appetites, you need to give them quality food – 4-6 cups a day for an adult. Your vet can help you decide on the right quantity of food for your Rottie. Overall, quality food should cost around $2-$3 per pound which means, that in a month, it will cost you around $55. You need to give your Rottie the right amount of treats too when they do something worth rewarding. So, you can add about $10 along with that food cost.

Vet Expenses

It is in the Vet expenses that the costs of Rotties start to increase. Rottweilers tend to be a bit disease-prone. As large dogs, they are prone to diseases like hip dysplasia. Along with that, they also suffer from other diseases too. If you buy a Rottie from the puppy mill, you will face this problem on a more severe scale. Puppies from puppy mills do not go through any standardized processes or health care systems. So, these puppies might already be genetically pre-disposed to certain diseases. The result would be that you will be incurring a lot more cost over the vet even if you did not spend too much money while buying the puppy. Plus, the life span of the dog will go lower and so, the actual rottweiler dogs price will grow significantly higher per year when you consider the total number of years you invested in your dog.

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Some of the vet expenses that you might be facing overall are:

For hip dysplasia, you can get charged around $1,500-$6,000

For Osteochondritis of the Ankle or Spine, you can get charged around $2,000-$4,000

For Entropion, you can get a cost of about $300-$1,500

For Sub-Aortic Stenosis, you might have to expend about $500-$1,500

For Elbow Dysplasia, you may have to pay around $1,500-$4,000

For Osteochondrosis of the Shoulder, an approx of $2,000-$4,000 can be charged by the vet.

If you don’t want to breed and hence, will neuter the dog, that will take about $250-$500. Plus, you can add a few hundred dollars for regular checkups and vaccinations with the rottweiler dogs price. 

Overall, the rottweiler dogs price is a bit high for a few reasons. It’s always best to plan ahead before taking the first step towards getting a Rottweiler for yourself.


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