Top 5 Reasons Your Dog is Your Best Dating Guide

Reasons Your Dog is Your Best Dating Guide

Dating basically is a form of courtship which involves some social activities done by two people in order to assess the others suitability in an intimate relationship. Therefore this involves trying to know if you can cope with your partner and able to tolerate their weaknesses. In order to achieve this your dog as a pet can help you to bring out your partners true character unknowingly by how they treat are some of the reasons why your dog is your best dating guide.


1.It brings out your partners ability to offer assistance or help regardless of the circumstance-Dog walks-when there are harsh conditions outside (for example it may be raining) and your dog wants to be taken out for a walk but your currently busy, if your partner offers to take it out then that’s the right person, if he does not offer to do so know its time to continue searching for the right person for you .
This is because your dog loves you and someone who loves you should treat your dog with love, care and kindness that you deserve.

2. your dog helps to bring out how much your partner can be jealous-most of the time dogs bark in order to draw the attention of their owner( such as play with them, feed it or take it for a walk or do some routines they normally do). If your partner is offended or is annoyed at your dog’s barking then he or she is not the right match.

3. It also helps you to know if your partner is tolerant, loving, and not a soulless person-this is achieved when your dog poops outside its box or puppy pad or even poops on your partner’s clean floor(or even hardwood floor). If he or she yells at or banishes it to the cold
outdoors then that’s not the right person for you since all it takes is a quick clean.

4. Your dog also helps you identify if your partner is responsible-dogs love playing and chewing with socks and leather shoes .When shoes and socks are irresponsibly kept the dog will obviously come across them play with them and also destroy them at times. The problem is not your pet but the irresponsible nature of your partner since if they could be well kept the dog could not have come across them. A person who is not responsible is not suitable for a serious relationship which should materialize to marriage.

5. Finally, your dog also helps you to identify if your partner is materialistic-most dogs drool. They drool on everything and everywhere. Your partner may arrives at your house and your dog jumps up to say Hi! leaving a trail of drool all over your partner’s expensive outfit. If he or she laughs or smiles and appreciates it, ignoring the incident ,then that’s your match but if he or she throw it away and complains of his or her outfit then its time to continue searching for the right person for you.

The simple interactions between your dog and your partner tell a lot about the character of your partner. In most cases they are not keen and show their real character by how they treat your dog.Your dog loves you and wants the best for you, therefore your partner should treat it with diligence love and affection similar to that afforded to you.


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