These Great Photographs Will Rid You Of Your Fear Of Rottweilers

Rottweilers have earned the ill fame of being one of the most aggressive dogs on this planet but that’s not completely true. Proper training can turn even the most aggressive Rottweiler into a benevolent one. Plus, they can do some funny poses along the way if you have your camera on you. Here are some of the examples of Rottweiler photographs:

1. Getting The Ball

rottweiler photographs ball playing

Can I be a great player like Ronaldo with this ball? Probably, the Rottweiler in this photograph is going to make the ball go through a goal and maybe the Rottie will just bite it and get all the air out of it. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for the Rottie.

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2. Mama, Your Ear Is Tasty

rottweiler photographs

The kiddo Rottie just cannot get enough of his mother in this photograph. He just wants to spend some playtime with his mother Rottie but Mama is a bit tired now. So, what’s the best way to persuade mama than to whisper in her ear! And if that doesn’t work, why not try the little kiddie teeth and make Mama really mad. Then, she will, of course, chase baby Rottie.

3. Sleeping Guard Dog

rottweiler photographs with aby

Yes, we all know that Rottweilers are trained to be proper guard dogs. But in this Rottweiler photograph, it seems like the guard dog is slacking behind in his duty a little bit. He was supposed to guard the baby against any kind of danger. The baby sleeps peacefully. Maybe the Rottweiler has gotten a bit tired seeing the baby sleeping for so long. So, why not take a few winks yourself, right? Can’t hurt much.

4. A Fight

rottweiler photographs with child rottie

It is not unusual to see a friendly fight happening between the parent and the son. After all, that is how we learn that we love each other. I know, it might be strange to read about it but you might be able to recall it. This Rottweiler photograph perfectly shows the frame and how a kid Rottie is trying to bite her father. Who knows what kind of demands she is making right now with her father. Whatever be the case, both of the parties seem to be enjoying themselves a little too much.

5. What’s happening outside?

rottweiler photographs peering

Rotties are known to be skeptic about everything. They are truly amazing guard dogs and they are always looking out for the family. That’s what you can see from this Rottweiler photograph where the Rottie is looking and ensuring that nothing wrong is happening in the world. The calm expression of his face shows that he is relieved. No – nothing eventful – just another safe day for me and my family.

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6. Let Me Sleep

rottweiler photographs sleeping

Oh, just another tiring day for this Rottie. She just wants to sleep and I think we should respect her opinion. After all, she had worked so hard since the morning. Also, she needs to have that human bed for herself. Tonight is her night and she can demand whatever she wants. This time, the comfort of mattresses and pillows are way better than cardboard boxes.

Well, if this doesn’t clear up your doubts about the Rottweiler, I don’t know what will. Rottweilers are funny and they can make your life so much better.


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