The Most Strange Things Dogs Do

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written by: marvintana


Animals are just like human beings- or should it be the other way round? If you thought you had seen dogs do strange things then you are in for a surprise. Dogs are not exactly like human beings and so they will tend to do some things that are not exactly really interesting. Some of the things does do border on completely eccentric while others are utterly obnoxious to think about. Either way dogs are still very popular pets and very lovable. Here are ten of the weird things dogs do.

Eating grass

The science teacher said that dogs are carnivores, so what is wrong with your dog eating grass like a cow? Is it sick? No, it is not. Dogs and cats (virtually all carnivores) eat grass though not as dessert or a delicacy of some kind. The grass is actually meant to do some kind of �tango’ with the food that the dog has eaten. When a dog eats something that is offensive to its stomach it has to find a way to get it out. The grass usually irritates the lining of the stomach of the dog causing it to vomit. Sometimes it is not really bad food but rather nausea that drives the dog to eat grass. Vomiting is a cure for nausea.

Sloppy kisses

Have you ever wondered why your dog licks everyone and everything that moves? If you thought that it loves you so much as to please you with a sloppy kiss, you are completely mistaken. They do that to show either submission or hunger. When the �kissing’ is too much, it could be a sign that the dog is in pain of some kind.

Going round in circles before lying down

Just the same way you smack your pillow before sleeping; canines have evolved with this habit of smacking the ground with their feet to make the sleeping spot more comfortable.

Drinking from the toilet

Even the thought of drinking for the toilet bowl makes some people very sick. Dogs tend to like the water in the toilet better. According to them it is a fountain of constant supply of clean healthy water. Constant flushing maximized oxygenation of the water and keeps it fresh. Also porcelain does not affect the taste of water like metallic and plastic bowls do.

Wagging the tail

There are occasions when this means happiness and contentedness. However, if the dog wags the tail while arching it over the back there must be something annoying him or exciting him. When he growls then he is annoyed, if he doesn’t then he must be happy.
Dry-humping your guests’ leg

Male dogs when they reach puberty, there are just like teenage boys. They have a high sex drive thanks to the generous supply of hormones.

Rolling around in stinking stuff

While it is not really possible to tell why they do so, just know that anything that smells bad will smell extremely good to a dog.

Barking at the mailman

Dogs will always bark at any person who comes and goes away when they bark at them. This is more like a conditioned habit. They learn that when they bark, the intruder will go. Thus they bark louder each time the intruder come again, it makes them feel that they are actually working.

Chasing cats

It is not that dogs hate cats. In fact there are dogs that love cats. It is more like boredom because the prey they are used to hunting, like squirrels cannot be found anywhere in the city.

Pumping the leg when the stomach is rubbed

It is a sign of being entertained. They feel very good when you rub the belly.


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