There are many news of Rottweiler attacks all over the planet. It might be something that can scare any dog owner. Rottweilers are a favorite dog for many people and most dog owners do find themselves second-guessing their choice when it comes to Rottweilers. The problem is with the news of Rottweiler attacks that make them a bit paranoid. Their trouble is understandable. But are Rottweilers really that dangerous? Or is it a problem with the trainers?

Well – you guessed it right. The Rottweiler attacks are mostly because of faulty trainers. It is a well-known fact that Rottweilers are not the best dog for first-time trainers. While owning a Rottie might seem like an extremely cool thing to do, you need to have a little bit of doggie training experience on your side, if you are trying to go down that route.

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If you want a proper authority that tells you that a Rottie is a good dog, then you should look at ADRK or AKC. The ADRK mentions ‘Good natured, placid in basic disposition and fond of children. Very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work…. self-assured, steady and fearless…’. On the other hand, the AKC has also describes the Rottie as a ‘calm, confident and courageous… with a self-assured aloofness.’

Rotties are dogs who have been trained as herding dogs. They are not fighter dogs and so, they are not supposed to be violent. However, they are dogs that try to protect others and so, they might appear aggressive even though they do not really want to appear as such. That – you can say is a conundrum of being a Rottie.

So, are we saying that the Rottweiler attacks and violent stories are all wrong? No – but rather, every dog breed can have such stories behind their backs. What we need to look into is what makes a Rottie tame and lovable?

The first thing any dog owner should look into is whether they can afford to get a Rottie from a good breeder. A Rottie from a good breeder ensures the first step of owning a disciplined Rottie.

In the puppy stage, the Rottweiler requires a lot of socialization. This socialization essentially means that you are making your Rottie recognize the people around you. As Rotties are herding dogs, it is quite possible that they might feel the need to guard you against strangers. Proper socialization ensures that your Rottie knows how to differentiate between good people and bad people. They need lots of love too – so, reward them often.

Rotties are quite unaware of their huge size. As a result, they may sit on your lap or approach you in a manner that might seem aggressive but is actually loving. Another thing that Rottweilers have inherited from their herding mentality is the act of leaning against a body. Since Rotties are heavy dogs, this act of leaning can really make any toddler fall over. So, Rotties are not recommended in households with kids.

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And finally, Rottweiler attacks are not very common since Rotties know how scary they are. They will probably stand in a guard stance and give out a low growl. This is enough for other people to be scared. Going into an aggressive mode and engaging in an out and out Rottweiler attack is not a thing a trained Rottweiler would do.

So, Rottweiler attacks are not a myth – it’s a problem – not of the dog, but the owner and faulty training.