Raising Your Rottweiler- Love, Care, And Boops

This is the place to debunk every myth that highlights a Rottweiler. Every time someone has shuddered at the mention of a Rottweiler, they get further and further away from mainstream society. Let me ask you this- don’t they deserve the same love that you give a Labrador? Or a Dalmatian? Or even an Alsatian? Rottweilers are products of care and love. And a LOT of boops. Here, we would talk about raising your Rottweiler– the hows and the whys.

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The first thing you need to know about raising your Rottweiler is that they absolutely need to feel your touch to form a bond with you. While feeding them food, you should give them back rubs, or actually feed them with your hands. Otherwise, when they grow old, they will not let you touch them while they are eating. Also, you need to give them treats on a job well done. If you are potty-training your Rottweiler, provide them with treats or cuddle them later. They understand love just like we do and they deserve it all.

You also need to think about giving your Rottweiler some booster shots, to prevent them from contracting diseases or other such ailments. If you live in warm climates, give them a bath every week. Use shampoo and reach to the very roots, so that they don’t get infected or stink. If living in cold climates, or in the colder months, bathe them every 15 days. This will keep your dog clean, and not make them cold.

raising your rottweiler
raising your Rottweiler

Raising your Rottweiler also involves cleaning their teeth and ears. For the teeth, you can buy latex bones that are good for the Rottweiler’s teeth. Don’t go for the plastic ones, they might harm their gums. For cleaning their ears, you need to make sure that you don’t avoid cleaning it while your Rottweiler is still a pup. Clean them from youth, or it might get really problematic later on.

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Let’s talk about diet. It doesn’t have to be too fancy but you need to raise your Rottweiler with protein and calcium. These dogs grow very fast and if their diet isn’t consistent, they might have hollow bones later in life.

Rottweilers should be loved, not feared. Give them boops, give them back rubs, and give them proper care. Raising your Rottweiler won’t really be an easy task, but it would lead to a healthy relationship between man and animal.


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