Our Little Furry Friends: Rottweiler Training 

Dog training is the same as cultivating habits in a person. What’s a good habit? Maintain posture, brush your teeth twice a day, do not postpone things on the back burner, honor the earning income site https://m.22bet.co.ke/casino instead of social networks, watch Netflix instead of bloggers. Everyone can make their own list of good habits that they would like to cultivate in themselves. But what about animals? 

In the process of training, especially among inexperienced dog breeders, many questions may arise, therefore in this section, we will consider how to train a Rottweiler and teach a dog to obey commands unquestioningly, which mistakes are most often made by breeders in raising this breed. 

It should be noted right away that representatives of this breed, despite all the affection, respect, and love for all family members, from the first days of their appearance in the house, choose for themselves only one owner or “leader”. It is with him that the dog establishes a delicate emotional contact, psychological relationships, therefore it can be confidently asserted that the Rottweiler is a breed of one owner. But it is also worth noting that the person who is the owner of the Rottweiler must have authority in the eyes of the dog. Only a patient, self-confident, persistent person can achieve complete obedience and unquestioning execution of commands. To raise a Rottweiler correctly, in addition to patience, it is necessary to show perseverance and determination, since dogs have a rather wayward and, one might even say, stubborn disposition, which is manifested in animals of this breed already at an early age. 

How to Raise a Rottweiler 

In order not to suffer from the antics and tricks of a wayward, disobedient puppy, it is necessary from the first days of the appearance of the baby in your house to instill in him the right skills and the basics of obedience and immediately direct the dog’s actions in the right direction. The puppy’s psyche is emotionally unstable and such an attitude can embitter or, on the contrary, greatly intimidate the dog, which will lead to the fact that the upbringing of the Rottweiler will go down the wrong path. And, as you know, retraining, re-educating a dog of any breed is quite difficult. The most basic rule that the owners of a Rottweiler must remember is not to allow the dog to do what will be forbidden for it in adulthood! Show patience and perseverance, achieve the task at hand. If the puppy made a mistake in your absence or on a walk, call the dog up with a strict intonation and let the pet know that you are unhappy with this behavior. Rottweilers, with the right approach, are manageable, they perfectly distinguish intonation and try to please their beloved owner, so do not forget to encourage and praise the dog for the correct command or obedience. 

The upbringing of a Rottweiler must be organized so that the dog is clearly aware of the scope of what is permissible by 4-5 months. Starting from 5 months, a teenage puppy begins to show willfulness and independence, so try not to miss the opportunity. If the dog completely ignores you and your commands, you can give the pet a little thrashing, shake the dog by the scruff, yell, but it is often not recommended to practice this attitude towards the Rottweiler. As soon as the guilty animal realizes its mistake and completes the task, do not skimp on praise. 


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