Obstacle Training Course For Your Rottweiler: Put Together An Exciting, Stimulating, And Inexpensive Routine

Your Rottweiler is an energetic, large, and powerful dog. They have traditionally been outdoor breeds used to doing strenuous work. So it is important to keep them in good shape and at the same time bring variety into their routine. They need both physical exertion and intellectual stimulation. Creating an obstacle training course for your Rottweiler will bring variety and excitement into the routine.

You can build the whole course with simple materials which you might have at home. Here are three types of obstacle training for your Rottweiler which should bring sufficient variety into the routine- the tunnels, jumps, and weave poles. Your primary concern should be the safety of your Rottie. Start the training early and keep your Rottweiler healthy!

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Dogs are generally wary of getting into dark spaces. The tunnel should be wide enough for your Rottweiler to get through. There should be no danger of the tunnel collapsing or shredding due to the dog’s nails.

rottweiler training

Setting Up:

You can set up a tunnel with materials or repurpose a children’s play tunnel. It can be bought for as little as $20-$30. Be sure that the tunnel is lightweight but sturdy.

Rottweilers are curious by nature, especially if they are still pups. Put a few treats inside the tunnel and let them figure their way out. Great way to train your Rottweiler’s mind and body!

Weave Poles

Use soft and flexible material to construct the poles as your Rottweiler might get injured if they misjudge the space between the bars. But the poles should be secure at the base.

Setting Up:

PVC pipes are an inexpensive option but you can also buy traffic cones and place them at a distance. It is easier to adjust the distance between them. Use large cones if you are training your Rottweiler for competitions as they are more challenging.


While buying or building a jump obstacle course for your Rottweiler, make sure that the obstacle comes down easily at the touch, to safeguard against injuries.

obstacle training for your rottweiler

Setting Up:

Inexpensive PVC pipes are the best material for such obstacles. Just set the bar holders at various heights. If you plan to buy ready-made bar jumps, be sure that the bars are wide enough and easy to dismantle.

Your Rottweiler would love to expend their energy on such training courses. They are jumping around the house anyway, right?

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With these obstacle training courses, you can train your Rottweiler for even competitions too. But if you are doing it casually, make sure the pieces of equipment are all safe and sturdy. They should not pose any threats to your Rottie while they are training.

Always keep in mind while setting up an obstacle training course for your Rottweiler that there should be enough space for them to run around. There should not be any hidden dangers. Putting together an obstacle course with common material is easy but always keep in mind the safety of your dog.


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