Make Cruising With Your Rottweiler A Fun Experience To Remember

Once you are on the road, all the information should be automatically stored in your brain. You probably won’t have the luxury of checking the internet as to what to do to prevent your doggo from getting hurt. Remember this, cruising with your Rottweiler is amazingly fun- but there are things that need to be taken care of.

Don’t make sharp turns; ease into them. Sharp turns can make your Rottie nervous and jumpy. Also, if you can, don’t stop abruptly. The resulting shock might hurt your dog. And we both don’t want that.

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Feeding your dog before hitting the streets is also not a very good option. They may puke and what makes it even more traumatic is they don’t know why they are puking.

Take ample breaks while you are cruising with your Rottweiler. They are stuck in the car which might make them nervous. And a nervous Rottweiler is one that needs bathroom breaks. Stop frequently and don’t coop them up inside.

cruising with your Rottweiler

Carry a ball with you to play with your dog whilst on the break. This will help them release their pent up energy. Keep your doggo’s blanket, toys, and chewables too with you. This will not only distract them but also make them less panicky.

Hydration is doubly necessary but also keep in mind that a bigger bowl will make a bigger mess. Smaller bowls and smaller amounts of water at regular intervals is the key.

Cars get hot when the ignition is left on. And even with the windows open, your dog could still get horribly sick. Don’t ever let them be cooped in whilst you go out for drinks.

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For people with children, make sure that your children are busy. They should not start poking the dog to get over their boredom. This will get too traumatic for your Rottweiler who is already pretty nervous about the trip.

The best thing to do while cruising with your Rottweiler and family is to tire them out before. Play with them before you go out on the trip and show them the ropes of a new game. This will help them snooze in the car while everyone else has a peaceful ride ahead.

So what are you waiting for? Take your baby on a fun ride now!


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