Decoding Normal Rottweiler Behavior: Familiarize Yourself Before You Bring One Home

We need to know what normal Rottweiler behavior is before we get acquainted with a Rottweiler. The truth is that most of our knowledge is based on surmise and unfounded information.

The three things that normally come to mind are that the Rottweiler is a big guard dog, they are aggressive, and they are mean. The looks are just as intimidating as they are thought to be a big, scary, and slobbery dog.

It would be better if we start with what a Rottweiler, a properly trained, loved family Rottweiler looks like and behaves. They are one of the most intelligent, courageous, and confident of all dog breeds. The demeanor is calm. They are not unduly aggressive and their confidence comes from a belief of their immense strength and power.

But as with any other breeds, we cannot give a watertight standard for Rottweiler behavior. Each dog is an individual with their own personality traits and peculiarities. But a Rottweiler that has been bred well and received the best of training displays certain characteristics that are typical and recognizable. These are the traits that make a Rottweiler different from any other dog breed.

Rottweiler Behavior

Rottweilers are extremely loving and loyal dogs. They are completely devoted to the family and love to be in the thick of the action when the family gets together. They prefer to remain close to their owners and will bond closely with the family but they are hostile to strangers if not socialized.

Protective Rotties

Rottweilers are naturally territorial and protective. While they are extremely playful and fun-loving, they can transform the moment they detect danger to their family. They will then use their considerable power to protect their families.

This is a normal Rottweiler behavior. But there is a flip side to it as your Rottweiler can refuse to let any stranger, including your friends and acquaintance, enter their territory. They also might see danger when it really isn’t there. For instance, if you tickle your child and she screams in delight, your Rottweiler might consider that she is under threat.

To ensure that such Rottweiler behavior never happens, it is extremely important to let your dog socialize with strangers regularly. Also, train them properly to distinguish between a threatening and not-threatening sound or behavior.

Rottweiler Growling

A peculiarity of the Rottweiler is their grunt which is often misinterpreted as a growling. This rumbling or growling is a sign of satisfaction akin to the purring of the cat. It is not a sign of discontent or hostility. It is a means to communicate happiness and this rumbling sound is quite endearing.

Rottweilers have some distinct traits and so it is extremely important to be sure that you are capable of handling this breed before you bring them home.

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Families with children below three or with an elderly or frail family member should reconsider before bringing home a Rottweiler. Or ensure strict supervision.

Keeping a Rottweiler is a big commitment. They need large spaces to grow and can be unruly if not trained properly. Many aspects of normal Rottweiler behavior can be double-edged if they are not trained properly. Being intelligent, they will dominate if they are not trained to obey their owner. They quickly become bored and you have to device new ways to keep them engaged. So it is important to do thorough research on standard Rottweiler behavior and their upkeep before you decide to bring one home.


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