Rottweilers Can Identify Liars and They Don’t Trust Them

Rottweilers may be more sophisticated than you think. Don’t steer them wrong.

It is so amazing to see how rottweilers puppy happily interact with people. In fact, as a human being, you will not hesitate to carry them around with much delight and joy. The same applies to small children. They always get into interactions believing that every person is kind and trustworthy.

However, that is not the case, human beings can display some vices when you least expect. Therefore, you just do not have to go around trusting every soul.

It is now evident that rottweilers are able to lose trust in you if you keep lying to them. Consequently, they will start acting in a manner likely to suggest they do not trust you.

They might even stop responding to your commands, no matter how much you try. This confirms that they have completely lost trust.

A study printed in the Animal Cognition Journal confirms rottweilers are able to know when someone cannot be trusted. At that very moment, the dog will stop following their orders.

That study involved 24 rottweilers and was speared by Akiko Takaoka, a P.H. D holder from Kyoto University, Japan. The 24 rottweilers were gathered in a container by the researcher, where some food had been hidden.

Then the researcher confidently pointed to a container with no food. This was after revealing to these rottweilers that food had been hidden in a different container.

In the last phase, the researcher showed the rottweilers the container with the hidden food. At that point, rottweilers had reached a point of despair. Perhaps they were tired, that is also a possibility.

The truth of the matter is that they were not willing to put their trust in the researcher again. To confirm that, only 8% of the rottweilers headed towards the direction he had commanded them.

When Takaoka was invited for an interview at BBC, she made some revelations about the research. She acknowledged the ability of rottweilers to use their experience with people to identify if there is a chance of trusting them.

This means that rottweilers possess an enhanced sophisticated social intelligence. That social intelligence advances selectively as they stay with human beings.

rottweiler puppies
rottweiler puppies

Precisely, while relating with people, they attempt to identify their personality and nature. Then they make use of this information in forecasting impending behavior of these people and fine-tune their behavior.

First and foremost, this study confirms that rottweilers are able to respond to the human pointing gesture. Furthermore, rottweilers are also able to determine the reliability of the person giving commands.

They will use this finding to adjust their behavior in relation to the person’s trustworthiness.

Some people claim that there is a variance between the behavior of rottweilers and that of 2-3-year-old children. However, this study proves otherwise. It reveals that rottweilers have an enhanced degree of mental sophistication.

That is why they are able to identify liars and will not change their judgment. They will even stop taking food offered by them let alone taking commands.

A research carried out by a group of researchers spearheaded by Kimberly Vanderbilt of University of California, San Diego, confirmed that discrepancy between rottweilers and young children. This research used nursery pupils.

The findings were that after being shown that a few individuals were untrustworthy, they still took in advice from these liars. In fact, almost to the same degree as that of trustworthy people.


However, those aged four seemed to disregard advice from liars but still accepted it. But the 5-year old children only preferred advice from trustworthy people.

When rottweilers have lost their trust in someone it is usually for good. At some point, they can even become aggressive.

This is because they no longer give in to orders, therefore, the identified liars might want to use force on them. Hence, it is advisable you guard the trust your dog has in you for peace to prevail in your home.


Remember that the dog you have as your favorite pet might see you as a liar someday.

But that is only when you give it second thoughts about your trustworthiness. When their mindset about you changes, then prepare to face the music.

The dog will no longer take commands from you no matter what. Therefore, it is recommended you maintain a higher degree of honesty while around them.


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