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Dog Training – Cool Dog Tricks
written by: suebest
If you are a dog lover, then you can agree that watching a trained dog perform certain tricks is quite awesome. Movies like Rex topped charts because of the ability of the dog to perform cool dog tricks. You do not have to watch other dogs perform such tricks. You can also train your dog to do those tricks or even tricks that are advanced than the regular dog training.

Your average dog can be trained to become magical. Leave out the basic obedience training you have taught it, there are other cool dog ticks you can train your dog to do. It does not matter if you have been with the dog since it was a puppy or it is a dog you rescued. All dogs can be trained to perform easy cool dog tricks.
Cool Dog Tricks
Some of the easy and cool dog tricks include the following:
o How to crawl and playing dead
o Sitting
o How to wave
o Rolling on the floor
o How to shake
o Staying when told to stay
o Heeling from left to right
o Coming when told to come
o Behaving when off the leash
o Handling distractions

Dog Training Tips
1. The first step when training a dog is to ensure that it is conversant with the various obedience commands. It should be able to follow whatever you are telling it to do. This will ensure that both you and the dog have an entertaining session.
2. Whenever the dog does a cool trick, you should reward it. The best way of doing this is by showing affection by making hugging or giving it a snack. This will create a positive image in the mind of the dog and it will not hesitate to perform the tricks at any time.
3. When teaching the dog a cool trick, just like human beings, you should repeat it a number of times everyday for it to stick. Practice makes perfect. This is applicable also in dogs because the longer they do something, the more they get used to it and do it perfectly.
4. Take breaks when performing tricks. This is so as not to tire the dog with tricks all day. Remember all work and no play makes Tom a dull boy. Do not let your dog get dull because of tricks.

After following the above dog training tips, your dog will begin getting the whole concept within a very short time. You will always enjoy having your dog around. Training the dog also strengthens the bond between you and your dog.


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