5 Dog Accessories To Buy Your Dog Who Keeps Running Away From Home

Studies have been published to prove how dogs can give you a longer lifespan, help you become more mindful, and help you cope when you’re traumatized or upset. A dog can also cut down your stress and make you happier in the long-term. Hence, having a dog at home can bring many benefits.

Dogs can immediately become part of your family, which is why finding out that they ran away from home is always a cause for concern. A dog who regularly escapes can cause stress since you’ll be worried about their health and safety. You’ll also be paranoid if they can find their way back home on their own.

To keep your dog from escaping, immediately invest in the following accessories:

  • Smart Dog Collar 

Collars are important accessories every dog should have. Aside from allowing them to stand out from other canines, collars can also make your dog look more fashionable and enhance their safety. But are you aware that certain types of collars can help you locate your dog whenever they run away from home?

If your dog always runs away from home, look for smart dog collars, and have them wear it as soon as possible. This accessory works by identifying the location of your dog via GPS embedded in the collar.

One of these GPS collars also come with escape detection features, which means that you’ll receive notifications the moment the accessory detects that your dog escaped from your backyard. The sooner you’re notified about the escape, the easier it’ll be for you to bring your dog back your dog.

  • Dog Treadmill 

There are many reasons why a dog runs away from home, and one of the most common is boredom. Since dogs are social, they usually run away when they need attention or look for interesting activities.

If you believe your dog often runs away because of boredom or loneliness, consider investing in a dog treadmill. Similar to what human uses, dog treadmills work by preventing boredom, especially when the weather doesn’t allow them to go out and take walks. This accessory can also reduce behavioral problems and help your dog get fit.

Dog treadmills come in two types: mechanical and dog-powered. Mechanical dog treadmills use motor while dog-powered ones don’t. Also, mechanical dog treadmills are more expensive than the other type, so take the time to scout for options so you’ll end up buying one that fits your budget.

  • Interactive Pet Toys  

Aside from investing in a dog treadmill to prevent your dog from getting bored and escaping, you can also choose to give them interactive toys. These toys will surely keep your dog busy to the point that they’ll no longer think about leaving home and escaping.

There are different interactive toys for small dogs and toys for giant dogs, like rottweilers. Interactive pet toys are one of the best ways to keep your dog busy and active even when they’re staying at home. Make sure you choose an interactive toy that won’t need human intervention so your dog can play with it on their own.

There are also cool gadgets that have an autoplay mode. The autoplay mode lets the toy respond to your dog’s movements and responses. Some toys also have a drive mode that allows you to control the toy’s activities using an app installed on your phone. If you’ll be out for longer hours and if your dog is an extra active one, ensure that the toy has a large battery capacity.

  • Pet Camera And Monitoring System 

The advent of technology makes it easy for everyone to live their lives. With the number of software and apps available today, communication channels and the productivity of individuals have drastically improved. There are also several techs that are perfect for dogs who often run away from your home.

Pet cameras and monitoring systems are still new but are great investments, especially for dog owners who always leave their dogs at home. These accessories allow you to monitor the activities of your dog when you’re away. Other higher-grade cameras offer additional features like two-way audio and video so you can speak to your dog through the monitor.

Some high-end features also include releasing treats and some can even release calming scents so you can keep them relaxed while they’re alone at home. You can also invest in monitoring systems that’ll automatically send notifications to your smartphone when your dog escapes from home.

  • Puppy Bumpers 

Taking care of puppies can bring life to your home. Their size can be an advantage because it allows you to easily carry them around and even have your children play with them. Puppies also require lesser amounts of food than adult dogs.

However, the size of your puppies can also become the reason why they can easily escape your yard and run away from home. Puppies are generally small, making it effortless for them to fit through your fences and escape. Since puppies are small, they’re also susceptible to dangers when they’re out of your home. For one, drivers won’t be able to see them immediately on the road, which can become why your pet will be run over.

Another accessory that you can use to prevent your puppies from running away from home is puppy bumpers. Puppy bumpers are stuffed collars filled with polyester fiberfill that are very light and comfortable when worn. This accessory works by preventing puppies and other small breeds from squeezing themselves in fences, gates, and balconies.

Do Your Research 

As pointed above, there are several accessories to prevent your dog from running away. Thus, regardless of the breed, age, and size of your dog, you won’t have any problems finding an accessory suitable for them.

But if this is your first time letting your dog use such accessories, spend time to research the options presented to know which ones would work best for your dog. Utilize the internet so you can determine the pros and cons of each accessory and how other dog owners find its efficacy.



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