5 Amazing Stories of Dogs Who Saved Their Owners Live

5 Amazing Stories of Dogs Who Saved Their Owners Lives|

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Whereas most people are quiet skeptical about the dogs’ courage and determination to save the lives of their owners when they are in danger, there are however many cases when dogs have been reported to save their owners lives. Here are 5 amazing stories of dogs that have saved their owners lives. These stories will definitely motivate you to start treating your dog better and change your perception about dogs for the better. 

1. Angel Vs Cougar 

Very few dogs have a better name than Angel. When the dog’s 30-year owner, Austin, was attacked by a cougar, Angel stepped between them. As the dog was battling the wild cat, Austin’s family called the police. Angel was still battling the cougar by the time the police arrived and shot the wild cat dead. Though Angel walked away with minor injuries, the brave dog didn’t not only survive but also saved Austin’s life. 

2. Tater Vs Bull 

Woodson Barry of Alburnett, Iowa, owes his life to his beloved dog Tater whom he had raised from birth. When the 54-year old farmer took his bull to the vet, the bull suddenly became violent and attacked him. The veterinarians tried their best to beat the bull, but the animal charged and chased them away. Luckily Tater stepped in and attacked the 2,300-pound bull. He fended the bull off until Woodson got up and escaped. Though he suffered from a broken rib, he however noted that he is happy to be alive courtesy of his beloved pet.

3. Raelee Vs a seizure 

Initially, Yolanda Segovia of Florida was reluctant to take in Raelee (the lost dog that her neighbor had found). She thought that the dog’s owner would one day come to claim the lost pet and have her arrested for stealing a dog. But after a few days, Raelee become part of the family and that is when her younger son named him Raelee. One day while barking wildly, Raelee ran to Yolanda and led her to a room where her older son was having a seizure. Her son suffers from Down syndrome and get seizures frequently. Had it not been for Raelee, her son would most likely be dead. 

4. Bruno Vs fire 

Wendy Ranking hails from Brackenridge, Pennsylvania and he owns a dog named Bruno. After Bruno got injured in a car accident, Rankings opted to keep him indoors for her to recover completely. One day, the dog started barking loudly at 3 AM, something that is quite unusual for her. When Wendy and her 2 sons woke up, they were astonished to find their house on fire. Though they didn’t manage to salvage anything and their home was reduced to ashes, they nevertheless escaped unhurt. Ranking credit her family’s survival to Hero.

5. Teka Vs a heart attack 

Jim Touzea of Perth, Australia, is also among the many people who owe their lives to their dogs. One day, The 65 old suffered from a heart attack when there was no one at home. His dog, Teka ran outside barking to attract the neighbors’ attention. The neighbors came to Jim’s rescue and called in the medics before he passed on. 




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