13 Reasons Not to Get a Rottweiler

Rottweiler to those who know this breed well, they’re the best dogs on earth. Loyal, loving, protective, smart, and sometimes, outright goofy. For those who never owned rottweilers and are contemplating getting one, they’ll surely benefit from a head’s up on what to expect with this breed before committing to one. Here’s a general guide on reasons why not to get a Rottweiler.

1-Rottweiler Are Big, Bulky Baby…

Rottweilers seem to sometimes forget all about their size, especially if you don’t take the time to train and exercise them. When they greet you, it may feel like a train coming at you at full speed, and if they fail to put on their brakes, it’s a train wreck for sure. Hopefully, you weren’t carrying something costly or precious. Then, when they get overly happy and get the zoomies, it’s like having a bull in a China shop; you’ll see them jumping around and things go flying.. and if you’re not careful, that may include people too! rottwiler life


2- Rottweilers Are Not Aware of Their Size

Rottweilers aren’t just bulky, they also  think to be big lap dogs. When you’re watching TV, they’ll want to climb in your lap, and once they realize only their head and possibly an inch of shoulders fits there, it’s too late as you’re already full of achy cramps. Next, you’re glued to the sofa and can barely breath. Forget about changing channel or moving; you’ll feel too bad waking up sleepy beauty.

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3- Rottweilers Are Not Very Agile

Yes, some Rotties are quite impressive in some doggy sports, but don’t expect your bulky Rottweiler to beat the more agile competitors—just don’t let him know, pretend he’s the best and cheer for him. In agility, he’ll likely lag behind the collies and Aussies, in disc dog, yes, he’ll jump high to catch the Frisbee, but he risks injuring a ligament or two; whereas, in Canine Musical Freestyle, well, yes, he’ll dance with you just because it makes you happy, but expect some goofy moves. Rotties we’ll make you proud though in obedience, carting and Shutzhund.

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4-Rottweilers Are Good in Pulling

Unless you do some serious training, this is a breed you don’t take for a walk, he’ll actually take you for one… and drag you along the way. All you have to do is hold on the leash for dear life and go for the ride. Destination? The first stop is the fire hydrant. Here, he’ ll sniff meticulously, analyzing everything and making sure he won’t miss the tiniest odorous molecules. Then, it’s time to go on the social media mindset and leave his personal “tweet” by emitting a spritz of urine. The next stop is the lamp post, then the neighbor’s lawn and then he’ll have to sniff that empty hamburger wrapper along the way.

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5- Rottweilers Are Hard to Scold

If you think you can scold your Rottweiler, think again.  When you do it, it seems like it goes in one ear and  then out the other. It happens often like this: you just gave him a bath and he smells wonderfully. You send him out to potty and you see him too interested in a muddy puddle. Right when you open your mouth to scold him, he’s already rolling to his heart’s content. Then, when you finally decide to be more stern and use your booming “I mean business” voice,  he’ll make the most mortified face that breaks your heart. And when he comes lick your hand as if to apologize, it just makes you feel like the most heartless owner on earth.


6- Rottweilers Will Win a Snoring Contest

From looking at the Rottweiler’s facial features, you wouldn’t think they would snore a lot, but many actually do. Yet, with a snoring spouse, you can always poke him with an elbow and that’ll hopefully end the concert for a while; whereas, with a Rottweiler, well, you’ll likely have a snoring concert for a full whole night. And when they’re not snoring, Rotties are in dreamland barking in their dreams, moving their legs as if they’re running who knows where and even chewing a slice of meat they never got.

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7- Rottweilers Will Likely Fail a Fetching Contest

Rotties were bred to herd, pull carts and protect. If you want a dog that will chase and retrieve a slimy ball for you all day, think again and get a retriever. The Rottweiler has more important things to do. Yes, you can try a game of fetch,  and some Rottweilers may sort of take a liking for the game if you make it  extra exciting, but keep your expectations low; several will look at you and wonder what’s the whole point. Number 8 though has this breed’s favorite activity.

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8- They’re on a Quest  to Destroy

The Rottweiler doesn’t play, he destroys. Forget about toys with a squeaker, yes, a French poodle may play with it all day, but a Rottweiler will disembowel it to get to what’s inside. If you don’t supervise, toys may disappear only to come back to life decomposed in the yard under the form of  artistic green, red and blue covered poops. If you think that buying toys is a waste of money, think again. A Rottweiler will find great substitutes, but you won’t like it. The remote, your expensive pair of Prada sandals and your Smart phone will work just as fine for a bored Rottie.


9- Rotties Are not Finicky Dogs

When you prepare a Rottweiler’s meal, he’ll act like he’s starving to death. He’ll stare at his empty bowl, drool and then stare at you hoping you speed up the process. Then he”ll wolf down the food in seconds and act like he never ate hoping to get you to think you forgot to feed him. As other large dogs, Rotties eat a lot so get those muscles ready to carry a 50 pound bag, and don’t relax yet, earlier than you would expect, you’ll need to repeat that again. Think of the bright side though,  you’re getting some muscle tone without hitting the gym. And when you look for treats and bones, it’ll look like they are all crafted for teeny, tiny dogs. Then, when you finally find the right ones for large dogs, the box won’t likely fit in your filled cart. Expect stick shock too, as they’ll  likely cost more than all the stuff that’s already in your cart, which brings us to number 9.


10- Rottweilers Are not the Cheapest Dogs

When you bring a Rottweiler to the vet, expect to see spend double of the amount that old lady with a bichon in her lap has paid.  Medications are based on weight, so he’ll need more, boarding costs more because he’ll need a bigger cage, surgery costs more because he’ll need bigger dosages of anesthetics, Elizabethan collars cost more because they’re  five times the size of a normal lampshade (or at least they look that way). And if you want to buy a crate, you’ll need a down payment for the one right for his size.


11- Rottweilers Have Dangerous Emissions

The breeder selling you those adorable puppies will not tell you this. Be prepared: this breed is prone to some serious flatulence enough to make you clear your room under 3 seconds. Get your air masks ready, protect your eyes and keep your flowers safe from wilting; it always seems to happen when you barely expect it. And don’t think that you’re safe from their emissions when they soundly asleep! For some odd reason, Rottweiler butts are always pointing your way when it happens.

12- Rottweilers Are Vicious Beasts.. Not!

We left this almost for last, because it’s what irritates us Rottweiler owners the most. The media and insurance companies wants people to think that Rottweilers eat children for breakfast and kittens for snacks, and if you hand them a treat, they’ll take your whole arm with it. Indeed, in the yard, Rottweilers don’t hide regular rawhide bones but have an actual collection of scapulas and femurs from all the missing FedEx and UPS drivers. Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with this breed! Those who own them know for a fact that raised in a nurturing home, this breed is the best dog ever who will never hurt anyone unless he feels his family is threatened or he’s being mistreated. And this brings us to 13….



13- Rottweilers Will Steal Your Heart!

Still not convinced? One of the biggest reasons you don’t want a Rottweiler is because he’ll steal your heart..literally. This is inevitable. For some people they’re addicting like potato chips, they can’t just stop on one and they’ll fill their home with Rotties whether they’re keeping several together or just getting one after another for decades. Regardless of what you do, Rottweilers are amazing animals that’ll make you love, laugh and cry. Unfortunately, they don’t live too long, so you’ll have to enjoy them the best you can and cherish every day because a life with a Rottweiler is worth living every minute.


At Last Rottweiler Is The Best Breed Ever , the most powerful breed and the most friendly dog , please comment down with your rottweiler name and how much your love him


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