13 Reasons Not to Get a Rottweiler

By : Adrienne Farricelli

Rottweiler  to those who know this breed well, they’re the best dogs on earth. Loyal, loving, protective, smart, and sometimes, outright goofy. For those who never owned them and are contemplating getting one, they’ll surely benefit from a head’s up on what to expect with this breed before committing to one. Here’s a general guide on reasons why not to get a Rottweiler.

1) Rottweilers Are Big, Bulky Babies…
Rottweilers seem to sometimes forget all about their size, especially if you don’t take the time to train and exercise them. When they greet you, it may feel like a train coming at you at full speed, and if they fail to put on their brakes, it’s a train wreck for sure. Hopefully, you weren’t carrying something costly or precious. Then, when they get overly happy and get the zoomies, it’s like having a bull in a China shop; you’ll see them jumping around and things go flying.. and if you’re not careful, that may include people too!


2) Rottweilers Are Not Aware of Their Size
Rottweilers aren’t just bulky, they also  think to be big lap dogs. When you’re watching TV, they’ll want to climb in your lap, and once they realize only their head and possibly an inch of shoulders fits there, it’s too late as you’re already full of achy cramps. Next, you’re glued to the sofa and can barely breath. Forget about changing channel or moving; you’ll feel too bad waking up sleepy beauty.




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