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new invention ‘Dog mind reading’

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Everyone who has ever owned a dog has always wondered what is in a dogs mind. What is fido or fifi thinking? Although as most people know dogs are pretty good at communicating their needs and desires, there is now some things that you can actually do to make sure that you have a better idea what your dog is thinking. For those that have always wondered, and that may include most pet owners, using a dog mind reading device may let you know what your dog may be thinking. This may seem like the stuff of science fiction but truly these devices are being developed and researched at this very time.

A mind reading device has been invented that fits securely around your dog. This device measures the brainwaves that dogs transmit and can be a translating device to let you know exactly what your dog thinks when they are wearing this item. Those who have used the device have found that dog mind reading may actually be possible. Although the device has not proven to work conclusively at this point, it is possible to read basic brainwaves that the dog may be transmitting, and use them to find out what the dog may be hoping to do,it does some tracking of their emotional state and their arousal level.

The dog reading device, aptly named No More Woof is something that is supposed to read your dogs mind and translate those barks,woofs and arfs into something that is intelligible to people. The company director Thomas Manzetti started with a machine that very simply read dog’s EEG. This translated into something simpler and larger than life. According to Mazetti the project used items that already existed. These would include a device that could read the dog’s EEG. The companies used an EPOC which was already available on various websites.

The EPOC was used to discern mental states in dogs. Once they used this EPOC device they could discern some very basic mental states in dogs. It is easy to determine when a dog is sleepy, calm or upset according to the device. The device also contains a cheap Raspberry Pi processor. There is also an entire Swedish team that has been working on the dog mind reading device. The website for the product is http://www.indiegogo,com/projects/no-morewoof.

This is the No More Woof device in a nutshell. The core emotions were easy to deal with but in terms of deeper emotions the devices complexity grew. The studio would like to track more nuanced thoughts. They wish to use an algorithm that can earn the thoughts your dogs may be thinking. They are hoping that the dog would speak in short sentences like “I would like to eat” or “I like to play with this ball.” Small print shows up on the device stating that you are supporting research and that it is not a finished product. So while the No more woof device is promising and affordable at only 65 dollars, it is not a finished and polished product that has been proven conclusively to read your dogs mind.

The main developer Mazetti is already thinking of other core concepts and other simple innovations and developments that could make the prototype easier to take advantage of and to use with the dogs of your choice. A complemetary system would be that the dog who thinks he is hungry would go up to a cupboard and easily be able to access a treat. Since dogs are very trainable and they are some of the ways that these devices would be able to be used for them to open a cupboard and easily access a treat if that is their intention. This would undoubtedly make your dog very happy indeed.

The emotion detecting radar would no doubt be overflowing with happiness when the dog comes around. It is obviously a leap going form reading dogs very basic emotions and instincts to processing complex thoughts and emotions, but face it, dogs are essentially very simple animals that do not have very complex thoughts. This device could allow dogs to easily learn the concepts of action and reward.Since dogs are very trainable, they will be able to possibly steer toward things, like cupboards, and can possibly steer toward things in its mind like a toy or of course the all important food. The application of this device is something that is felt all over. Although some people have felt that this idea is truly implausible the idea seems to bear merit as early experiments seem to show that it does indeed ready dogs emotional states and seems to have applicability in some research.settings with dog.

Some point out that the No More Woof device is never going to work as it works in humans since dogs do not process language in the way that humans do. In other words their language ability is limited. Even though this may only produce effects that are like visualizing the dogs behavior it should still be a fun way to observe the dogs behavior, and develop the ways that individuals can work with their dog and have fun observing their behavior.

These are some of the things that you can find and take advantage of a device that may make you a bit more in tune with your dogs behavior. Some point out the algoritms may be more like robotic responses mimicing siri,than actual indication of a dog’s thoughts. Critics of Woof No More point out that we can not accurately decode human speech reading EEG’s and if this is the case,why would we be able to decode dogs thoughts?The whole thing seems to be a bit far fetched and even a little ludicrous to some critical thinkers.

Other critics have pointed out that you may be buying the world’s most expensive chew toy that might only have a lifetime of less than a minute. However,whatever your feeling about Woof no more,evidence seems clear that this device can be a fun way to spend a few hours with man’s best friend and companion.


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