Why Are Rottweiler Puppies Price Different For Different Breeders?

You might have often wondered why the Rottweiler puppies price is generally so high? You might have researched and found out that the Rottweiler breed is quite popular. Hence, on that basis, you can put a tag on the Rottweiler puppies price. However, what might surprise you is that the price of Rottweiler puppies differ from one breeder to another. Also, the price is quite less when you get it from a puppy mill. Why is that so?

What Determines Rottweiler Puppies Price?

Well, there are 4 things you need to look into when you are going for a Rottweiler puppy:

  • Health: Proper puppies should have health certifications that should be shown to you when you purchase it. This shows that the puppy is healthy.
  • Import Duties: Expensive breeders get their puppies imported from top institutions with maybe ADRK certificates. You won’t get these certificates from common breeders.
  • Litter: Any cost pertaining to producing a litter will get attached to an expensive breeder puppy, but less expensive breeders will just look at the profit.
  • Shipping: Shipping is also costly and most breeders, expensive or not, will attach shipping costs like airline fees with the dog.

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So, these are some of the reasons why Rottweiler puppies price tends to go high. However, one of the things that most buyers tend to forget that Rottweilers are not a one-time expense. If you look at the Rottweiler puppies price and just buy one, it can result in accumulation of costs later on. How?

Well, let’s look at the math, shall we? 

If you buy a Rottweiler puppy from an expensive breeder, then the Rottweiler puppies price will be around 1500 dollars. From a puppy mill, the Rottweiler puppies price will go around 850 dollars. There’s a lot of difference as you can see. Now, if you really want to check the actual price per day, you have to consider the average lifetime of a Rottweiler. Let’s consider it to be 10 years. Then, the formula should be Price/ (Years) * (days) which is equal to the cost per day. If you consider this, then the 850 dollar Rottie will cost you around $0.23 per day and the 1500 dollar Rottie will cost you around $0.41 per day. You save around 0.18 dollars. 

Is it worth it?

Now, let’s look at what you lose?

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It is given that a Rottie is generally prone to diseases. Now, expensive breeders will show you proper certifications which will tell you that the Rottie is healthy. While they are still prone to diseases like hip dysplasia, the chances are less. For a Rottie bought from a puppy mill with certification, such is not the case. You have to go for daily vet visits which will burn through your pockets. And what happens if your Rottie gets hip dysplasia. It can get you a 2000-3000 dollar bill.

And what if something really drastic happens? What if the dog already has a terminal disease and dies within 5 years. It will be now quite expensive at $0.46 a day and if you add a bill of 2000 dollars for vet charges, it can go to $1.56 a day.

So, now you might wonder why Rottweiler puppies price gets so high!


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