Which Is The Better Breed Of Guard Dogs: Rottweiler Vs Tibetan Mastiff?

Considering the ferocity of both these dog breeds, it’s really hard to decide which is the better breed for guarding. Both Rotties and Mastiffs are extremely loyal, brave, and can attack at the drop of a hat. Let’s see how these guard dogs fare in our comparison:



Although Rottweiler is a ferocious dog known for their aggression, it isn’t always that. Usually, they are kind, generous, lovable dogs who are fiercely loyal to their owners. Even if you see a Rottweiler puppy or a well-maintained Rottweiler dog, you wouldn’t think that they are going to attack at once. So, a gentle to moderate dog, with no ulterior signs of aggression.

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Tibetan Mastiff

These guard dogs are extremely dangerous while giving off aloof vibes. They don’t mix much, are fiercely distrusting of strangers, and can tear your arm off if you show aggression. Although they love to keep to themselves, whilst observing their surroundings with wisdom, they are always ready to get into battle mode. They can get unmanageable, and we all know what can happen after that.



Although Rottweilers aren’t exactly the biggest of guard dogs, they certainly are the bodybuilders in the group. They are beefy, at 130 pounds. They are balanced, and athletic, while also having the color scheme of black-tanned markings. One, who is sure to identify themselves as intimidating.

Tibetan Mastiff

guard dogs

They are built like a tank, with a double coat and bushy tail. But this coat, protective against the cold gives them a cuddly approach.

Guarding Skills


Rottweilers and guard dogs go hand in hand. They have been forever used as guard dogs and are superb at attacking and guarding. They can be trained but they also do have a protective instinct, coming from their bond with their family.

Tibetan Mastiff

Guarding over large properties is in their blood. In fact, that wild instinct in them is actually a big plus here. They roam the lands, searching for any intruder. And they spring into action without any command.

Life Expectancy


They live between 8 and 10 years. Quite unfortunate for guard dogs. They are more prone to cancer, ligament rupture, hip dysplasia, and obesity.

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Tibetan Mastiff

They live for 10- 12 years. They have hip problems and eye issues, along with skin issues and gastric problems.


guard dogs


They are highly intelligent, and as icing on the cake, they love to please their owner. They want to do what you are telling them to. But as an owner, you need to train them from day 1. An owner can’t go amiss here or the dog will grow with temper issues.

Tibetan Mastiff

They are intelligent too but they are very independent. They are extremely difficult to train and need an expert trainer to harness their independence. You need to place boundaries. But they will fight these boundaries.

Rottweilers seem to have the edge in most of these points of comparison. Therefore, we can safely say that Rottweilers win the contest and are the best guard dogs out of the two breeds. Thinking of getting a Rottie for yourself?


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