What Is The Blue-Eyed Rottweiler And What To Do If You Own One?

Imagine you are walking down the road and a cute Rottweiler stares back at you? You are a bit wary since you know that Rotties can be quite aggressive to strangers, especially if they are not well-trained. However, you are still going by the innocent look of the Rottie and so, you lean towards the dog. And what a surprise! You see the eyes staring back at you are blue in color!

Well, it will surprise anybody, to be honest. Blue-eyed Rottweilers are not a common sight. A Rottweiler generally has black to brown eyes. One of the most famous breeds of Rottweilers is the German Rottweilers. These are aggressive-looking dogs and the ADRK is the one which grades these Rottweilers. According to them, Rottweilers should be classed as worker dogs. After all, that’s what their chief purpose was in the past. However, that does not change the fact that due to genetics or other breeding issues, you can find different kinds of Rottweilers like the Red Rottweiler or the Rottweiler with blue eyes.

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You should consider yourself lucky if you spot one of these rare breeds. And if you own a blue-eyed Rottweiler, then Fortune is in your hands. You are among the select few elites who have chanced upon a blue-eyed Rottweiler and bought it. Take good care of your rare furry friend. You won’t find another one like them again.

Well, it is quite clear that the blue-eyed Rottweiler is different from the standard that is placed by the ADRK. However, are there any other differences in the care of these majestic animals? Well, let’s look into a few metrics on which we could decide how we should care for these majestic animals:


Rottweilers are not furry animals and have a smooth and glossy coat. So, that takes care of grooming! You don’t have to waste too much time grooming your blue-eyed Rottweiler. However, you do have to spend a little time in grooming. That’s because Rottweilers are known to shed too much fur if they are not groomed properly. On the other hand, bathing is not required that often for your Rottie unless they are always playing in the mud.

blue eyes


Rottweilers are powerful and they have quite a punch in their barking. No wonder many people are afraid of Rotties. But your cute blue-eyed Rottweiler can be quite a friend with your relatives and your children. All it requires is the right kind of training from an authoritative member of the family. However, that’s not all – your Rottie will also defend your family with a ferocity never seen before. That’s the reason why Rotties are mostly trained as guard dogs. They will never let their guard down and they will not allow strangers to come past the sidewalk even.

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Rottweilers are muscular dogs and your blue-eyed Rottweiler will be the same. They need a proper diet with lots of proteins and carbohydrates. One of the mistakes that new owners of Rottweilers do is that they give a lot of protein to the dog. However, protein is not the only food that the dog requires. It is essential that your Rottie has the proper carbs in their diet too as that would keep their energy on point.

So, enjoy your life with your blue-eyed Rottweiler. We really hope that the blue eyes of your Rottweiler will greet you every morning.


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